Soil and Asphalt Compactors Information


soil and asphalt compactorssoil and asphalt compactorssoil and asphalt compactors

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Soil and Asphalt Compactors are machines that are used to compact soil, asphalt, crushed aggregates or landfill trash. These machines range in size from small walk behind or pull utility rollers, rammer compactors, plate compactors and machine mounted hydraulic compactors to large driven road roller machines. Hydraulic Compactors are designed to be mounted on other equipment such as excavators and backhoes. Rammer compactors and plate compactors are hand controlled compactors used for smaller projects or where space is limited. Road roller compactors are large driven machines available in various configurations used for compacting soil and asphalt on large projects. Some large roller compactors are specifically designed for compacting trash at landfills.