Website Development and Optimization Services Information

Website development and website optimization services design websites for clients and assist with other aspects of running and updating websites, such as search engine optimization (SEO). Products offered include plug-ins, games and other media content, as well as website tracking metrics and benchmarking. Providers of website development and website optimization services typically specialize in different areas. Costs typically vary based on the amount of programming and level of customization required.

Classification of Companies Providing Website Development and Optimization Services

Companies that provide website development and website optimization services can be classified into two categories: site design services and Web programming services. Site design services may focus more on "look-and-feel" issues than another website development and optimization service. Web designers are mostly graphic artists and market usability experts who specialize in the fields of electronic publishing desktop publishing), or provide the best Web-based marketing strategies for presenting electronic media content (EMC). In some cases, Web designers also provide basic Internet services such as Web site hosting, basic Web page layout and creation guidance, and intranet design. Web programmers can provide highly specialized website development and optimization services. Based on the plans and specifications created by Web site designers and project leaders, Web site developers use markup languages (i.e., HTML/XML/CSS), client/server scripting technologies (i.e., JavaScript, PHP, ASP) and programming languages (i.e., Java, Python) to create everything from a simple interactive Web page to complete e-commerce solutions. Web programmers can also provide total website optimization functionality such as Web crawlers and plug-ins capable of directing or redirecting Internet traffic to a particular site.

Secure-Channel Sites

Web development and website optimization services can program secure-channel sites designed to create customized content targeted toward specific consumer/user groups. E-commerce has become a mainstay of website development and optimization services. E-commerce sites provide users with the ability to purchase products and services, run distributed enterprise applications, interact with commercial data, or perform banking, investment, and financial transactions through secure n-tier applications. These websites are optimized with survey programs and data-mining applications so that corporations can provide customized products and services tailored to their customer demographics.

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