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Graphic design services create various forms of visual information for advertising, web sites, and printed publications such as brochures, magazines and corporate reports. They also design company logos, promotional displays, marketing materials, environmental graphics, and custom signage. Graphic design services are staffed by graphic designers with various levels of education and professional experience. Companies that specialize in web site design and electronic media applications use specialized software to produce computer animation and interactive three-dimensional (3D) designs. Graphic design services that specialize in the production of print media can assist clients in sizing and arranging the artwork and elements on a page. They may also create charts or graphs and use editors or copywriters to proofread text. Regardless of the medium, graphic design services need to understand how artwork, colors, photographs, typeface and other visual elements can solve communications problems.

There are many different types of graphic design services. They perform activities such as business logo design, flash logo design, character design, website design, brochure design, newsletter design, and font signature. Business logo design services can help a client to establish a corporate identity and build brand awareness. Flash logo design services convert existing logos or other static illustrations into interactive displays. Character design services create company mascots or other custom illustrations for newsletters, magazines, and other periodicals. Website design services can improve a client’s presence on the Internet by improving the site’s user interface (UI) through interactive tools. Brochure design services produce a variety of marketing and sales materials that can be delivered electronically or in print. Newsletter design services can also produce advertisements and help build customer loyalty. Graphic design services with font signature capabilities can add authenticity to mass mailings by embedding electronic signatures.

Graphic design services use a variety of tools and applications to create printed and electronic media. Some companies use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe GoLive, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe Acrobat from Adobe Systems Inc. Others use Dreamweaver, Fireworks or Flash from Macromedia, Inc. Graphic design services that use QuarkXpress (Quark, Inc.), or Microsoft Powerpoint (Microsoft, Inc.) are also available. File formats vary widely and include .tiff, .jpeg, .gif graphics with various levels of compression, special effects, and quality.

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