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Wear protection services install or apply wear-protective liners or cladding, weld overlays, wear plates, and high-build coatings and lining materials to protect an underlying surface from wear or erosion.  Liners may also provide leak barrier, fluid containment or corrosion protection. Liners and high-build coatings are thicker than the coatings used in typical paint and coating applications. Liners are measured in inches (in.) while coatings are measured in mils (0.001 inches).

Lining and wear protection services produce protective liners and lining systems in several forms. A lining and wear protection service may specialize in a particular type of liner. Loose or drop-in liners and lining systems are prefabricated into a specific shape to conform to the surface of a product or component. Tile, block or sectional liners and lining systems are cemented or bonded to a surface and then grouted or sealed. Spray-on liners are formed in place through an immersion or thermal deposition process, or by using a spray liner applicator. Some protective liners and lining systems are available as fluoroplastic films or barrier membranes while others are available as coated cloths or tarps.Wear protection services typically include hardfacing, ceramic coatings, thermal spray coating, high build urethane, plastic or rubber coatings and other specialized coatings. Bed liners for pick-up trucks may be drop-in liners or may use a sprayed- or brushed-on liner application that dries quickly and provide a water- and wear-resistant surface.

Lining and wear protection services may also provide wear plate installation. Wear plates or strips attach to surfaces through mechanical fastening, adhesive bonding, brazing, or welding. Wear protection services are used to line pipes, tanks, and vessels for corrosion resistance, to provide abrasion resistance on pulleys and conveyor systems, and to provide long-lasting surfaces on industrial floors. Some lining and wear protection services also provide chemically-resistant linings for pipes, chutes, and hoppers, and even valves and actuators that are used in process manufacturing.

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