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Engineering design firms provide total design for components, products, and equipment. Companies and individuals that need design work done but do not have the capabilities or resources can turn to an engineering design service to provide the needed work. Finished product requirements are initially laid out and revisited periodically throughout the design process. The finished product can include drawings, bills of material, material specs, and testing standards.

Types of Design

There are a number of different types of design performed by engineering design companies.

Type of Design


Acoustical Design

Image Credit: Acoustical Design Collaborative, Ltd

Companies design rooms, buildings, and other structures to optimize sound quality. They consider factors such as room dimensions and shape, the position of speakers and listeners, the placement and types of doors, and the placement and types of windows or skylights.

Electrical and Electronic Design

Image Credit: CAD Design Software

Companies design hardware for analog and digital circuits, components, devices, and systems.

Machine Design

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Companies design custom machines and robotics used in manufacturing and production.

Mechanical Design

Image Credit: Kyle Design Ltd

Companies apply the principles of physics to the analysis and design of mechanical systems.

Optical Design

Image Credit: Eye Design Book

Companies assist companies or individuals with the initial conception and design of optical, optomechanical, or optoelectronic devices or assemblies.

Process Design

Image Credit: Soundex

Companies assist companies or individuals with the conception, design, improvement, and scale-up of manufacturing, assembly, or production processes.

In the past, most designing was done in design and drafting rooms on paper:

Drafting room from

Image Credit:

Today, engineering design services are performed mainly on computers:

Computer design from Copeland Furniture

Image Credit: Copeland Furniture

Most design work is done using CAD (Computer Aided Design) tools. These tools allow for modeling, simulation, 3D scanning, machine tool integration and a variety of other tasks that would normally require separate operators or departments to handle.

Here is a cam operated lock design, created using CAD software:

Image Credit: Safire Design Engineers

For more information on CAD services, visit the Computer Aided Design Services page on Engineering360.

Types of Services

Within each category of design, these service companies may provide a number of different services.

  • Certification documentation
  • Load analysis
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Manufacturing support
  • Part and material specification
  • Product manuals


Location can be an important factor when selecting a design service company. Some applications may require collaboration of personnel or materials, making local companies much more desirable and convenient. There may also be complications when dealing with companies overseas or from other countries.

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