Specialty Communications Infrastructure Services Information

Specialty communications infrastructure services provide specialty or proprietary services related to the development and maintenance of communications infrastructures. They specialize in computer networks, telecommunications, Web-based services, communication applications development, and content management. Specialty communications infrastructure services are located across North America and around the world. They meet a variety of regulatory requirements and conform to various quality standards. Selecting a specialty communications infrastructure service requires an analysis of both cost and capabilities.


Specialty communications infrastructure services develop a company’s communications infrastructure, customizing the system architecture to suit user requirements. Most communications systems require scheduled maintenance as part of post-deployment activities. Instant and effective communications within an organization can be accomplished in a number of ways. Telecommunications infrastructure providers implement technologies such as voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), broadband exchange, and integrated services digital networks (ISDNs) to facilitate real-time voice, data, and video communications over great distances. These specialty communications infrastructure services may also provide streaming video, network or Internet-platform meeting applications, and software demonstration packages. Web-based plug-in technologies include Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, and multimedia players. Communications can also be implemented through a wireless infrastructure that permits e-mail, voice, and data communications. For example, users in different areas of a building or worksite can access broadband wireless services to speak with one another via portable, handheld devices that use radio frequency (RF) or satellite communication technologies.


The communications that support an IT infrastructure are an important part of any organization that uses technical services. Specialty communications infrastructure services are critical to helping IT managers, analysts, and specialists answer technical questions and provide troubleshooting and solutions support for user groups within a network. Application infrastructure providers can also develop online knowledge bases, Web-based trouble ticket systems, and product request forms to extend the communications infrastructure of IT departments so support improvements can be implemented through problem analysis and documentation. Specialty communications infrastructure services may also offer hosting services, which provide servers, server-side applications, and scripting to deliver a variety of communications infrastructure technologies.