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Diverter valves are processing valves designed to direct flow from an inlet to one of two or more outlets.  They can also be used for flow control and to converge two lines into one. Diverter valves are primarily used to handle powders, dry solids and slurries, although some types are available that can handle liquid service. They are ideal for applications where the conveying or pumping of materials to multiple vessels or silos is needed.


Types Diverter Valves

There are two main types of diverter valves. Both types switch flow from one line into one of two outlets. One type is wye line diverter, which contains a hinged disc at the intersection to close one of the two outlets. This type of valve is best for handling dry bulk materials in dilute phase vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying systems. They are designed to eliminate material cross contamination and buildup. The second type of diverter is primarily used for liquid services.  Instead of using moving parts (like the disc in the wye line diverter), the flow stream is altered by pneumatic pressure differential.





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How Diverter Valves are UsedDiverter Valves

Diverter valves are useful in flow control and pipeline circuits; as they may be operated in conjunction with other valves allowing for medium-to-high flow switching or metering control. The flow may be controlled through a variety of devices depending upon the application at hand; a small solenoid valve can be used to maintain switching control, pressure relief valves can be used in systems where pressure regulation is the determining factor, or the diverter valve itself can be used to control the pressure differential and flow rate.Diverter Valves


Diverter valves are used extensively in a wide range of commercial applications including agriculture and farming, aviation and aerospace, chemical manufacturing and processing, construction, coolant, HVAC and cryogenic distribution, food processing, medical and pharmaceutical services, sanitation and waste processing, and water delivery.



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Related Standards


IAPMO PS 59 - Wastewater diverter valves and diversion systems


IAPMO PS 86 - Rainwater diverter valve for non-roofed area slabs


IAPMO IGC 250 - Diverter valve for rainwater tank




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