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Data Storage Management Software       Data Storage Management Software

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Data storage management software is used for data backups, disaster recovery, and hierarchical storage management (HSM). There are several different types of products. Documentation management software supplements a computer’s file system by enabling users to readily store, retrieve, and use documents. Web-based documentation management software is used to store an organization’s training manuals, product announcements, technical bulletins, and other information that is normally available on a corporate intranet or extranet. Document management services software is used to track workflow and maintain version control. Most version control software indicates who has edited each version of a document, where the versions are currently stored, and what changes have been made. Enterprise web content management software is a type of data storage management software used for the consistent and timely flow of information between a company’s intranet and extranet.


Factors to Consider While Selecting

Heterogeneity, the blending of different operating systems and platforms, is an important factor to consider when when selecting data storage management software. Today, a typical computer network includes multiple servers running different types of operating systems, storage systems, and workstations. This makes storage monitoring in these environments a difficult task. An organization’s information technology (IT) department can benefit from a single, easy-to-use software application that simplifies the many tasks required to support a heterogeneous network by managing all their networked storage as if it came from a single source. Cost, reliability, and technical support are additional factors to consider when selecting data storage management software.


Network Security in Database Managment

Network security is an important part of data storage management software. Applications must provide the tools to establish and maintain a secure environment. This can be accomplished in several ways. Some data storage management software allows the administrator to assign every component in the storage system to a defined storage domain, or multiple domains if desired, each with a different password. This capability means that the system manager can control or limit access to storage management, so as not to expose full privileged access to any operating system. In this way, IT personnel can more easily keep engineering, accounting, and e-commerce information separate in order to prevent inadvertent misuse, exposure, or corruption of files.