Acoustic and Vibration Test Equipment Repair Services


Acoustic and vibration test equipment repair services include repair and other services for vibration, acceleration and acoustic test equipment, instruments and sensors such as shakers, shaker controllers, microphones, hydrophones, FFT analyzers, impact hammers, ultrasonic transducers, sound level meters and other specialty instruments.




Areas of expertise covered by providers of acoustic and vibration test equipment repair services include accelerometer or vibration sensors, acoustic sensors or microphones, acoustic or ultrasonic transducers, hydrophones, impact hammers, position sensors or instruments, power supplies or amplifiers, shakers, shaker controllers, sound level meters or dosimeters, speed or velocity instruments, ultrasonic instruments, and vibration or noise analyzers. 


Types of Services


Acoustic and vibration test equipment repair services offered include bench or off-site testing, field or on-site testing, calibration services, installation or start-up services, OEM or warranty authorized shop, pick-up and delivery, preventative maintenance and services, rapid turnaround, remanufacturing and complete rebuilding, rental or lease, replacement or exchange programs, spare parts inventory, troubleshooting, and upgrade services.


Standards and Certifications


Common quality requirements met by providers of acoustic and vibration test equipment repair services include ISO / IEC 17025, ANSI / NCSL Z540-1, A2LA, QS 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, MIL-SPEC / STD, NIST, and GMP / FDA.

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