Laser Repair Services Information

Laser repair services provide a cost-effective solution for refurbishment and repair for all types of lasers and laser system components. Many laser repair service centers are furnished with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that is able to determine faults in a system. Laser repair services are used to service laser power supplies, radio frequency (RF) drivers, control panels, PC boards, and other components. Laser repair services are also used to refurbish lasers, act as preventative maintenance, and on-site repair.

Plasma tube replacement and service, re-gassing, power supply replacement and service, laser head replacement and service, evaluation of the laser system, vacuum integrity check, residual gas analysis of the tube, cathode replacement, mirror replacement, plasma tube processing, plasma tube installation, realignment, and testing, and burn-in and quality assurance testing are all provided by laser repair services.

Laser repair services work on many types of lasers including carbon dioxide (Co2) lasers, dye lasers, fiber lasers, helium cadmium lasers, ion lasers, laser diodes, laser diode modules, laser pointers, nitrogen lasers, solid state lasers, and Nd:YAG lasers.

Laser repair services also offer maintenance contracts that will ensure optimal performance, reduced downtime, longer laser lifetime, reduced operating costs, lower utility bills through higher efficiency, complete system diagnostics, and a full system evaluation. In addition to maintenance contracts, some laser repair services also offer onsite or in-house training programs that cover a wide range of topics from basic operations to complex material like processing and customization.

Laser repair services may offer exchange programs to clients as well. Laser repair services exchange programs save valuable time and money. Laser repair services exchange programs offer the option to trade-in faulty components for a new or re-certified unit at a flat rate. This option of laser repair enables a return to operation the next day minimizing down time and cost.

Laser repair services are used in many industries including materials processing, perforation, engraving, packaging, machine alignment, inspection, and the medical industry. Laser repair services offer immediate turn-around to maximize up-time. Laser repair services save valuable time and money for many businesses.