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anti-icing chemicalsDe-icing roads before a storm

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Anti-icers and deicers or anti-icing and deicing chemicals are used to prevent ice formation, remove existing surface ice, and remove or prevent frost formation. They are available in liquid or granular forms. Deicers are used to breakup existing snow and ice while Anti-Icers are used to prevent ice formation and adhesion.


The two main applications are either traffic both pedestrian and vehicle, and aerospace to prevent ice buildup on wings and props to allow for smooth air flow and prevent jamming of control surfaces.

The three main categories of chemical deicers are inorganic salts (most widely used for traffic applications), Organic salts and compounds, and Alcohols and anti-freeze agents (most commonly used for aerospace applications). The type of deicer used is dependent on may factors including working temperature, availability, and environmental impact.

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