Refining and Recovery Equipment Information

Refining and recovery equipment include systems for the purification and treatment of metals, precious alloys, oils, fuels, and other valuable constituents from waste streams or raw materials. Waste sources include rinsewaters, spent plating baths, and stagnant solutions. Removing heavy metals from process streams can cut maintenance costs, reduce environmental impact, and improve the overall yield of an operation by converting waste materials to productive assets.


Electrolytic processing known as electrowinning, or electroextraction, is a recovery method that makes use of a metallic cathode of high surface area over which flows the solution to be processed. A direct electrical current is applied across electrodes, which causes the metallic ions to deposit on the cathode in a process known as electrodeposition. Another type of recovery method involves a chemical precipitation reaction between a precious metal and reagent to form larger particles that can be filtered out of the process stream.


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A gold-refining machine.

Image credit: Rictec