Filter Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment Information

Filter cleaners and filter cleaning equipment is used to clean or deblind filtration media in air and fluid filter units. Filters become blocked or loaded with oversized particulates or products reducing the flow rate and efficiency of the filter. Filter cleaning, filter regeneration or filter reconditioning can return the filter to a usable condition. Filters are cleaned, washed, deblinded, deblocked or unblocked, or unplugged using a variety of technologies such as backwashing, reverse pulse flows or jets, pulse jets or air jets, air knifes, detergent washing, solvent cleaning or rinsing, pneumatic or dry cleaning, washing or wet cleaning, steam cleaning, vibration or vibrator assisted cleaning, deblinding balls or disks, thermal burn-off or evaporation, wiper blades or slides, and ultrasonic. In some cases, the filter cleaners and filter cleaning equipment can be built-in, in-line or integral with the process or filtration equipment. In other cases, the filter cleaners and cleaning equipment is standalone or off-line, requiring the filters to be removed from the process stream and loaded into the cleaning system. Standalone or off-line filter cleaners and cleaning equipment typically provide a more thorough cleaning of the filters. In production process lines, on-line filter cleaners and filter cleaning equipment allow continuous operation or minimal interruption of production filtration processes. A filtration system with an integral filter cleaning system is often referred to as self-cleaning in-line filters or filtration systems. Smaller bench top filter cleaners and cleaning equipment is available for laboratory or pilot applications. Special filter cleaners and filter cleaning equipment are available that utilize a combination of cleaning technologies. These hybrid technology systems often provide an enhanced degree of filter cleanliness and increased filter cleaning rates. The specific filter cleaner and filter cleaning system employed will vary depending on the type of filter and filtrate media. Filter cleaners and cleaning equipment are available for baghouse filters or bag filters, cartridge filters, screen or sieve filters, air filters, fluid filters, fuel filters, water filters, oil filters, lubricant filters, chemical filters, diesel filters, gasoline filters, gas filters, and specialty filters.