Spring Locating Pins Information

Spring locating pins are compact, spring-loaded components used to apply a light side force to a workpiece for positioning or clamping.  They are cylindrical in shape and press fit into a hole for use in fixturing or locating applications. They generally are used in tight spaces where force cannot be easily applied by other means.

Classifications of Spring Locating Pins

Spring locating pins can be classified in a number of different ways. These categories include shape, material type, and side force.

  • Shape is the pin design and form. Examples include ball plungers, knurled head plungers, and press fit plungers.
  • Materials are the substances used to create the pin. Material types include aluminum, steel, plastics, and stainless steel. Each has properties and costs suitable for different applications. Materials can vary between the pin itself and body of the device.
  • Side force is the amount of pressure per unit area the pin is designed to exert on the workpiece.


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