Casting Machines Information

Casting machines represent the collection of equipment which is used to shape and form molten metal into various shapes and forms by the use of a die. This includes the furnaces, ladles, tundishes, impression devices, clamping units, dies, and gating systems which are found on most casting machines. Also included are the mechanisms required for specific types of metal casting, such as die casting machines, vacuum casting machines, continuous casting machines, ingot casting machines, and centrifugal casting machines.

  • Some die casting machines utilize a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator to fill die molds, and the accompanying pneumatic/hydraulic components are necessary.
  • Vacuum casting operations implement a vacuum to expulse air from the die chamber, draw the molten liquid into the cast, and hold sand in place as the molten material is poured.
  • Continuous casting machines require a conveyor system as well as mechanical shears.
  • Centrifugal casting machines require a motor and shaft upon which is affixed the mold.

Selecting die casting machines Selecting centrifugal casting machines

Die casting machine; centrifugal casting machine

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