Tube Clamp Connectors Information

Tube clamp connectors are components of joints, connectors, bases, and supports meant to assemble tubing in modular constructions. These items go by many names including tube fittings, railing clamps, tubing clamps, frame clamps, cross clamps, and tube connectors. Clamp connectors support the structure created by round and square tubing, and are usually constructed steel, aluminum, or composite materials. These items are labeled by diameter sizes and threads per inch (TPI). Common tube clamp connectors include sockets, couplings, crosses and cross-overs, tees, elbows, flanges, swivels, and brackets. These are common in scaffolding and handrail applications.

Selecting socket clamp connectors    Selecting tube coupling Selecting clamp connector elbows    Selecting tube connector flanges

Socket; coupling; elbow; flange

Images credit: Simplified Building Concepts