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Ear protection safety devices are designed to protect the ears from elevated decibel levels and/or debris. These devices are designed to protect the ears from increased decibel levels. Ear plugs are the most popular form of ear protection, and are usually used in conjunction with ear muffs and canal caps. There are several types of ear protection devices. Examples include expansion plugs, button plugs, porous plugs, and foam ear plugs. An expansion plug is expanding foam that seals the ears. A button plug allows the user to hear sound naturally and clearly, but at lower and safer sound level. A porous plug is made of porous foam and provides high quality protection from noise. A foam ear plug is a type of expansion plug that can be expanded just like an expansion plug to seal the ear canal. Other types of ear protection are commonly available.

Ear protection safety devices function in a variety of ways. Any environment in which the noise level exceeds 85 decibels requires an ear protection. An ear plugs is placed in the ear to block the ear canal to protect the ear from over exposure to noise. Ear plugs can be preformed plug, formable plug, porous plugs, or button plugs. A preformed plug comes in various sizes to fit into different sizes of ear canals. A formable plug, also called a foam ear plug can automatically take the shape of an ear. Ear plugs can be disposable or reusable. A porous plug can regulate the flow of air and control the atmospheric pressure to protect an ear. A porous plug is most often used during airplane travel. Ear plugs are also available with a detachable attenuator button filter. Ear protection safety devices are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.

Ear protection safety devices are used in any workplace that exceeds maximum noise standards. Each hearing protection device is labeled with a noise reduction rating. The quality and effectiveness of ear protection devices may vary.

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