Shrink wrap and stretch films are used to hold items together in packaging and palleting applications. Shrink wrap and stretch films are lightweight but puncture and tear resistant, making them a cost-effective alternative to box or container packaging. Shrink wrap and stretch films used on pallets much be of a particular gauge, or pallet weight, to support the load.


Shrink wrap and stretch films are plastic films used in all kinds of industries to secure items on pallets for storage or to bundle items together for shipping. Shrink wrap is typically a clear plastic or polymer-based film that shrinks when heated to conform to the shape of the object it is wrapped around. Shrink wrap can form a very tight, tamper-evident seal to protect the products from insects or other pests, moisture, dust or other contaminants, and discourage theft. Shrink wrap is commonly used as food bags and in other perishable applications. Shrink wrap is available in a variety of widths, designs, and film gauge, depending on the application.


Shrink wrap and stretch films are also used secure items stacked on pallets for storage or shipping. Stretch films are designed to cling tightly to objects and provide a secure overwrap to protect them from shifting during transport. Stretch films can be used to wrap pallets by machine or by hand, and include clear plastic films or printed or colored stretch wrap. Shrink wrap and stretch films are used differently - stretch wrap is made of polyethylene plastic and unlike shrink wrap, which responds to heat to shrink and secure the load, stretch wrap has an elastic memory and functions much like a stretched rubber band.


Shrink wrap and stretch films may be used in other plastic film applications, such as in agricultural or construction applications. These plastics can be used as agricultural films to reduce weed growth or protect seedlings, provide a vapor or air barrier in construction applications, and are used as lightweight can liners and trash bags for all waste management applications.