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How to Select Damage Indicators

Damage indicators are applied onto or within containers and products to indicate that the device has been exposed to environmental factors that could damage the packaged goods. They are used extensively in the shipping industry to ensure that containers and products are handled properly, and in the manner agreed upon by the shipper and the receiver. When selecting damage indicators, industrial buyers need to consider the available form factors: sticker, card, or mechanical device. Each has advantages and disadvantages.




As their name suggests, damage indicators provide a visual indication (such as a change in color) to signal that a product or package has been exposed to adverse conditions of temperature, humidity, shock and impact, or tilt and inclination. For example, an apple orchard that ships fruit from New York to Florida may choose a temperature indicator to ensure that its containers of apples weren’t exposed to extreme temperatures while en route. A company seeking to ship a plate of glass between neighboring cities may not be concerned about heat or cold, but would choose a damage indicator to signal if the package was hit or bumped.