Hazmat Storage Buildings Information

Hazardous Material Storage Buildings


how to select hazardous material storagehow to select hazardous material storage buildings

Chemical storage building. Hazardous material hut

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Hazardous material storage buildings are designed to hold and store hazardous materials. Many types of hazardous material (hazmat) products are available.


Types of Hazardous Storage

Selecting hazmat builidings requires an understanding of products.

  • Cylinders are designed for containment, storage and/or transportation of gases.
  • Garages have large entry doors and are designed to store machinery or transportation equipment.
  • Buildings and shelters are structures for housing and protecting instrumentation or personnel.
  • ISO containers are used for the transport of freight. These hazardous material storage containers are manufactured according to specifications from the International Standards Organization (ISO) and are suitable for multiple transportation methods such as truck and rail, or rail and ship. National, federal, state and provincial governments may also define standards for hazardous material storage containers.  


Hazardous material storage buildings are made many different materials. Examples include aluminum, plastic, steel, and stainless steel. 


Hazardous material storage carries specifications for dimensions, and features.

  • Dimensions include height, depth or length, and width or diameter.
  • Features include hazmat containers with
    • Double walls provide increased pressure or containment requirements; or feature an air handling system with vents.
    • Insulated hazardous material storage buildings are used for storing or transporting perishable goods such as food or blood.
    • Heavy duty buildings can be found in environments with extreme conditions.
    • Outdoor suitable buildings are resistant to weather conditions.
    • Temperature controlled storage maintains internal temperature as surroundingtemperature fluctuates.

Hazardous storage are designed for the containment, storage and transportation of chemicals, trash, recycling materials, fuel or oil.