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Straddle carriers are devices used to pick-and-place ISO standard containers.


This heavyweight material handling vehicle uses a vertical lift and container spreader to elevate fully-loaded containers up to 40 feet.


Straddle carriers are restricted to container terminals, such as ports and intermodal yards, and they work best for loading flatbed trucks and railcars.




Straddle carriers position themselves over top of their cargo, centering the load between tall supports mounted on four to ten wheels. 


Once the cargo is hoisted the carrier can stack ISO containers up to four high for storage, or they can mount the container on a truck or rail bed.


The controls and operator cab are located atop the carrier. 





Video credit: Mikle Lowinske via YouTube






ISO 14829 - Freight containers - straddle carriers for freight container handling - calculation of stability




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Konecranes Inc.



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