Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines Information

Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines hold and supply tape for assembly or packaging applications. These machines can be as simple as handheld devices or as complex as highly automated robotic systems. Aseptic or sanitary equipment is both easy to clean and designed to inhibit the growth or presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Machines constructed of stainless steel are corrosion-resistant. Some tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines provide a feeder while others feature a computer interface that connects to a control network. 

Types of Tape Dispensers and Tape Dispensing Machines

There are several basic types of tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines. Manual or handheld devices aid in the setting or holding of products; however, operators are still responsible for performing most activities. Semi-automatic tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines help with placement and packaging to allow operators to perform routine activities quickly and accurately. Automatic machines perform activities without operator intervention. In fully automatic applications, operator involvement is limited to the replenishment of packaging components. For example, operators load empty bags or cartons onto filling system magazines, load supply hoppers with bulk materials, place empty pallets on palletizer magazines, and remove completed cartons or pallets.

Applications and Industries

Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines can handle materials for a wide variety of applications and industries. Some devices handle automotive parts and products. Others handle soaps, cleaners, and non-food household items. Specialized equipment is used with chemical and petrochemical products, as well as with electronics and semiconductors. Tape dispensers and tape dispensing machines are used in the clothing, cosmetics, and garment industries. They are also used in military and defense-related applications.  

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