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Tier sheets and divider sheets are separating devices that add stability to a palletized load. The sheets function as layers between materials or loads on a pallet, increasing the stability of the load as well as limiting contamination from one tier to another. These sheets also segregate tiers of packages while limiting slippage between unit levels.


Tier sheets and divider sheets can be made of a number of different materials.

  • Paperboard sheets have a high base weight and a high density. They are produced in multiple layers on a cylindrical machine, and are generally the least expensive material type.
  • Plastic sheets are thermoplastic or thermoset polymers, including any of numerous organic, synthetic, or processed materials. Most types offer good corrosion resistance and contamination prevention.
  • Wood sheets are made naturally, derived from trees.


Tier sheets and divider sheets are almost always built square to fit on standard sizes of pallets. These products that have specified dimensions of length, width, and thickness and in some cases are designed in layers.


Tier sheets and divider sheets can incorporate a number of different features which may be particularly important for certain applications. Sheets can be:

  • Biodegradable
  • Disposable
  • Fire retardant
  • Recyclable
  • Returnable or reusable
  • UV or weather resistant
  • Moisture resistant


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