Polysulphide Adhesives and Sealants Information

Polysulphide adhesives and sealants are resins that provide a flexible and chemically resistant adhesive or sealant. Single component polysulphide resins are commonly used as construction sealants. Two component epoxy-polysulphide resins provide an adhesive with greater toughness and the sacrifice of some tensile strength compared to pure epoxy resins. Polysulphide adhesives and sealants have excellent resistance to fuels, ozone, salt water, and sunlight.


Polysulphide adhesives and sealants are often used in construction to seal off joints and channels. Polysulphide sealant provides a waterproof seal minimizing the risk of water leaking into an area and causing damage or erosion. Polysulphide adhesives and sealants are applied using a caulking gun or can be poured directly from the container for large surface area applications. The surface area must be cleaned and in some cases specially treated for the polysulphide adhesive to adhere properly. For example, non-porous materials such as glass or metal should be cleaned with toluene before using a polyadhesive resin. Adhesives and sealants made with sulphides are commonly used in large civil engineering applications, including sealing channels in reservoirs and dams, culverts, canals, and flood control waterways. They are also used in high traffic public areas such as in the expansion and contraction joints in sidewalks or floors because they can form a flexible bond that expands and contracts with weather conditions without breaking down.


Polysulphide adhesives and sealants are used in the aerospace industry to seal fuel tanks and aircraft fuselages. Since polysulphide adhesives and sealants are resistant to fuels and other chemicals, they can provide a secure, long-lasting seal in these aviation components. These sulphide based polymers are often two-component sealants, using a manganese-dioxide curing agent. A polysulphide adhesive may also be used as a sealing agent between the wooden planks or decking of a boat.