Specialty Fluids and Lubricants Information

DescriptionSpecialty Fluids and Lubricants Information


Specialty fluids and lubricants include specialized, proprietary, or unlisted lubricants or fluids. They are based upon non-standard chemistries (i.e., PPE, PAO, and halide) or contain a conventional fluid base that has been formulated or compounded with unique additives (e.g., nanoparticles) to impart fluid properties such as radiation resistance, oxidation resistance, a high refractive index, or high tackiness.



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Specialty fluids and lubricants are also engineered for very specific applications with extreme conditions such as ultrahigh temperature, high pressure, and ultrahigh vacuum (UHV). Often, products such as Mil-Spec fluids are used in aerospace and military applications.


Additional applications include:


  • Well drilling
  • Steel quenching
  • Metal heat treatingSpecialty Fluids and Lubricants Information
  • Extraction
  • Dampening
  • Expansion
  • System cleaning
  • Grinding
  • Lapping
  • Carbide grinding
  • Aerosols
  • Cleaning products
  • Traction products



There are many different types of specialty fluids and lubricants. Examples include:


  • Engineered fluids and optical fluids
  • Electronic fluids and electric fluids
  • Ferrofluids
  • Ferromagnetic liquids
  • Magnetofluids
  • Magnetic fluids
  • Magnetorheological fluids (MR fluids
  • Eialectic, conductive, and supercritical fluids
  • Viscoelastic fluids
  • Thixotropic fluids
  • High-temperature fluids
  • Fireproof fluids
  • Heat-resistant fluids
  • Quenchants and quenching brines
  • Cesium formate
  • Potassium formate
  • Formate brine
  • High-pressure high-temperature fluids (HPHT fluids)Specialty Fluids and Lubricants Information
  • Drilling fluids
  • Completion fluids
  • Intervention fluids
  • Flushing oils.
  • High-pressure coolants
  • High-volume coolants
  • Surface active coolants
  • Specialty misting fluids
  • Lapping oils
  • Honing oils
  • Sharpening oils
  • Carrier fluids
  • Drying fluids
  • Dry cleaning fluids
  • Tacky adhesive fluids
  • Specialty traction fluids

Some specialty fluids and lubricants use nanotechnology or nanoscale particles to further enhance specific properties such as:


  • Electrical conductivity
  • Ferromagentism
  • Low boiling point
  • High boiling point
  • High voltage dielectric (HV dielectric)
  • Water displacement
  • Moisture or steam resistance

Food-grade, biodegradable, natural or bio-based, synthetic and petroleum products are also available.




A-A-711 - Dry cleaning solvent


GME B 440 0035 - Lapping oil


SAE AMS3025 - This specification covers two types of polyalkylene glycol in the form of a liquid.




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