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Push on fasteners, also called push in fasteners, are clips used to join panels together. The products can be one- or two-piece fasteners and are generally made of a plastic material. Push on fasteners are unique in that they do not require turning or screwing to fasten; instead, they can simply be forced into a shaft, stud, or panel. They commonly fasten using specially-designed legs or tabs which compress during the push-on action. When the fastener is fully inserted, the legs or tabs re-expand, securing the part or panel.



push on fasteners selection guide    push on fasteners selection guide

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Push on fasteners are typically inexpensive and are frequently used as an economical means to join two thin, lightweight panels — such as PCBs, light sheet metal, plastic sheet, and insulation panels — together. The benefits of using push on fasteners include, reduced cost, fast, easy assembly, and the high quality material and standard finishes.