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Waterstops are static seals used between joints in concrete structures to prevent the passage of water or other fluids. The waterstop is embedded in the concrete or across and/or along the joint. In order to select the right waterstop for the application there are several things to consider. These include, the structure type, joint type, joint movement type, chemical containment requirements, and the method for securing the waterstop in position (hog rings, grommets, etc.)


Image Credit: GreenStreak | Waterproof Magazine



There are several materials that waterstops can be made from. PVC is the industry standard with the broadest design selection. Also available is neoprene rubber, Hyrotite®, Swellstop®, and Leakmaster®.


Waterstops are used in dams, locks, canals, water and waste water treatment facilities, culverts and tunnels, storage tanks, bridges, foundations, and in many other concrete structures that could be affected by water.



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