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Balancing weights are used to help balance rotating components or machinery. If not balanced properly, rotating components exhibit unbalanced centrifugal forces. In turn, this causes noise, wear, vibration, and premature component failure. There are many different types of balancing weights. Products include balancing correction weight kits, balancing clips, balancing c-clamps, balancing machine drive belts, and lead weights for balancing sheaves. Balancing weight suppliers can assist both commercial and industrial customers with selection and sizing. As a rule, the faster a component rotates, the more critical balancing weights become. Balancing clips vary by type and application. For example, squirrel cage balancing clips are slightly-curved balancing weights that are designed for balancing fans with curved blades. Backward-incline balancing clips are flat pieces of metal that are used to balance flat-bladed fans. They are usually made of spring steel or stainless steel. Steel balancing c-clamps are suitable for both squirrel cage fans and vane axial flow fans. They have a serrated surface that functions as a second set screw. Heavy-duty balancing C-clamps are balancing weights that are designed for outdoor environments where fan blades may rust or corrode. Balancing weights include air foil clips, devices which are designed for blowers. Throat size is the most important specification to consider. Typically, suppliers of air foil clips designate their products as narrow throat, wide throat, and extra-wide throat. Air foil clips may also be coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) to provide chemical resistance. Other types of balancing weights include balancing machine drive belts, products which improve belt performance and reduce noise levels; and adhesive-backed lead weights for balancing sheaves, products which may be used to improve the performance of fan blades. Balancing correction weight kits may consist of many different types of products. For example, a balancing weight starter kit may include squirrel cage clips, steel c-clamps, airfoil clamps in both standard and extra-wide sizes, lead weights, and an adjustable carrying case. Balancing weights that come in kit form may also include products such as backward incline clips or squirrel cage clips. Replacement packages and specialized or custom balancing weights are also commonly available. Accessories may include wrenches and markers for indicating magnet locations.

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