Product Development Services Information

Product Development Services Information

Product development services design, test, support, document, and certify industrial, commercial and consumer products. They differ from dedicated industrial design services, which specialize in the aesthetics and usability of mass-produced parts, components, machines and equipment. Industrial designers consider their discipline to be an applied art, and implement design solutions that account for factors such as brand development, ergonomics, engineering, form, marketing, and sales. By contrast, product development services integrate the work of a design team with that of user group, industrial and mechanical designers, testing and integration group, and manufacturing team. Industrial product developers may also provide project management services for companies in both industrial and consumer-oriented industries. 


Product development services that provide design engineering services combine aspects of art, business, and engineering to create products for everyday use by businesses and consumers. Industrial designers with innovative product design skills can conceptualize products in targeted areas such as house wares, power tools, appliances, transportation, and medical equipment. Design engineers can also improve the style, function, quality, and safety of existing manufactured products. These improvements in industrial design can help clients to remain competitive in a marketplace where both quality and cost must be considered. Unlike dedicated design services, however, product development services can see products through from conceptualization to high-volume production.

Industries Served

Product development services differ in terms of industries served. Some may specialize in embedded systems, analog and digital devices, or user interfaces. These product developers can also provide project management skills for clients in the industrial, commercial, or consumer marketplace. Industrial product developers are responsible for implementing the work of design engineers in a cost-effective and quality-conscious manner. Company capabilities may include conceptual product design, hardware and software design and development, prototyping, and testing. Many product development services can also advise clients about product development cycles in order to provide for a standard framework for planning and managing development efforts. These development cycles may begin with concept, feasibility, definition, implementation, beta testing, deployment, and end of life phases.


Product development services may specialize in products for a national or regional marketplace, or for an international audience. For example, some product developers may specialize in the North American, European, or Asian marketplace. Product development services with offices in locations such as China and India are also available.