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DescriptionIndustrial Fans and Blowers


Industrial fans and blowers are commonly known to be used to provide personnel and spot cooling in industrial and commercial buildings where air conditioning is not feasible or is too costly.   Circulating fans can also be the solution to problems such as heat stratification, dampness, and general air stagnation. They can provide general ventilation in heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications including factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, underground parking garages, etc.


Industrial fans and industrial blowers are typically used for high volume, high static pressure applications. Blowers are primarily used to exhaust foul air and replace it with fresh outside air.


Industrial Fans and BlowersNumerical Designation


Many industrial fans and industrial blowers are classified with a numerical designation based upon the construction for the fan. There are three classes recognized by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA). Typically, the larger the class number, the greater the minimum performance and price as well. 


Design Configuration


Industrial fans and industrial blowers are available in a number of configurations, usually based upon the location in which they are to be placed, or mounted.  These include duct fans and blowers, roof and ceiling ventilators, wall and panel mount fans, pressure and volume blowers, freestanding fans and plenum fans.


  • Duct fans and blowers are designed for in-line duct mounting either via flanges or support braces. 
  • Roof and ceiling ventilator fans have mounting brackets or flanges specifically for ceiling installation or roof exhaust. 
  • Wall and panel mount fans have mounting brackets or flanges specifically for wall installation or exhaust.  

Specifications & MountingIndustrial Fans and Blowers


Pressure and volume blowers are typically found within an enclosure on a standard factory floor.  The specific mounting configuration within the enclosure is designed to provide a common mounting platform for the blower and its electric motor. The enclosure can be mounted on vibration isolators and maybe referred to as a unitary base or vibration isolation base.

Freestanding fans, as the name implies, do not need to be mounted.  They can be placed in almost any area for standard air circulation needs.  This grouping also includes many portable styles of industrial fans and industrial blowers.

Plenum industrial fans and industrial blowers are designed for applications in commercial air-handling systems and pressurized plenums found in industry.




Standards for Industrial Fans can be found at the IHS standards store.




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