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Groundwater monitoring equipment includes pumps and other instruments that tap into the water table for water quality assessment, testing for pollutants, and the identification of other compounds. Groundwater monitoring equipment can include sampling features to retrieve specimens for laboratory testing.

Groundwater monitoring equipment is used to measure water level, temperature and conductivity, intrusion of saltwater into freshwater systems, and aquifer properties. A groundwater monitoring instrument such as a data logger or digital device may also be used for data acquisition and analysis. Groundwater sampling equipment is used to test or continuously monitor water sources for industrial pollutants. Groundwater monitoring equipment used for testing groundwater contamination include disposable bailers for collecting water samples, field pumps for low flow sampling, and disposable vacuum-driven sterile devices for filtering and storing samples.

Groundwater monitoring equipment can also be used to determine the need for groundwater remediation. Groundwater remediation equipment includes pumps, skimmers, flow meters, and filters for treating contaminated water. A groundwater remediation pump is a heavy-duty device used to reclaim and treat water from landfills and deep wells. Skimmers are floating devices that are used to remove hydrocarbons such as oil from the surface of water pumped into a container or recovery well.

Groundwater monitoring equipment also includes devices for testing the flow of water to predict the potential spread of contaminants. Groundwater flow modeling uses mathematical equations and algorithms to describe the direction of the water flow, the geometry of the aquifer, the nature of the sediments within the aquifer, and the possible flow and concentration of contaminants. Groundwater flow modeling can also simulate the interactions between groundwater flow and other water sources, such as nearby streams, rivers and springs. These models provide information on inflow and outflow, permeability, and seepage characteristics.

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