Mining and Well Drilling Bits Information

Mining bits are tools for boring into rock and earth. They are used to drill blasting holes and penetrate both soft and hard rock materials. Products are also used in many other mining, quarrying, tunneling, construction, geological exploration, and blasting applications. Mining bits can be classified as chiseling bits, tapered or threaded cross-style bits, anchor bits or self-drilling anchor systems, blasting furnace taping hole bits or rods, or coal cutter bits. They feature a hollow body with multiple, outward-extending wings.

Each wing of mining bit may contain multiple rows of cutting teeth. The outermost teeth angle outwards so that they face away from the axis of the mining bit and the lateral edge of the bit wing. The inner row has a smaller cutting diameter. To facilitate their removal and replacement of these teeth, these teeth are located intermittently between the outermost and innermost teeth on each wing.  The back row of teeth can also be replaced, but through the open back of its socket. The central passage of the bit allows air, coolant, or lubricant to pass through, and resists clogging or plugging during hole-drilling applications. 

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