Seatbelts Information

Seatbelts or safety belts are belt assemblies that consist of a belt and coupling to hold the occupants of a vehicle from moving  or being ejected from the equipment in the event of an impact.  They are typically nylon belts with a width sufficient to secure an occupant without seriously injuring them.   There are different kinds of seatbelts some are secured at only two points around ones waist typically called a lap belt.  Others have 3 connection points and in addition to a belt around the waist include a belt that goes over ones shoulder like a sash.  Belts with 4 or more connection points also exist and may be found in things like child safety seats and also in race cars or other more inherently dangerous vehicles.



lap seatbeltthree pont seat beltrace car seat belts

Lap seatbelts. Three - pointed seatbelt. Racecar safety harness.

Image Credit: | Wesco Performance

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