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Annunciators and graphic display panels disclose the layout and sound the status and measurement parameters of industrial processes, security and fire alarms of buildings and manufacturing facilities, power distribution networks, and other operations.  They are specified by the number of zones or alarm points covered.  Zones are groups of initiating annunciators and graphic display panels wired on a common circuit. Each wiring circuit is used to relay information to the display panel regarding the condition of the initiating devices, which can include smoke, heat, or fire detectors, manual pull stations or any circuit closure device.  A circuit that connects automatic and/or manual signal-initiating devices, such as fire alarm manual boxes (pull stations), heat and smoke detectors and water flow alarm devices. 

Common applications for annunciator panels and graphic display panels include security, burglary or theft, fire, machine failure of malfunction, medical, process monitoring (such as: heat and temperature, power and power surge, computer systems, gas monitoring, and water level and leak monitoring), power distribution, personal safety (or confined space monitoring), smoke, structural failure, vehicle safety, or other unlisted, specialized, or proprietary applications.

Annunciators may come in any combination of visual indication and/or audio alarms.  A visual indication may be provided by a graphic display panel lit with lamps or bulbs, a digital display like that of an LED or LCD, or a computer or video monitor. These annunciators and graphic display systems also include mosaic graphic displays, and control graphic displays. Audio alarm annunciators include air horns, sirens, bells, buzzers, speakers (for a paging system or voice evacuation), whoop sounders or hooters. 

Annunciators graphic display panels are packed with features which may include: acknowledge or silence features, battery back-up, built-in printer, data storage, annunciators and graphic display panels with explosion-proof housings, pre-alarm warnings, intrinsically safe operation, modular design, network option, outdoor ratings, PC compatibility, annunciators and graphic display panels programming options, remote telephone interface, or web enabled devices.

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