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Varistors Suppliers in California

Varistors are voltage-clamping devices that can absorb current without damage. They are typically used in surge protection devices. (more)
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AEM, Inc.
Address:  6610 Cobra Way, San Diego, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Ambler Co., Inc.
Address:  6047 Tampa Ave., Suite 209, Tarzana, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
C Plus Electronics, Inc.
Address:  17842 Irvine Blvd. #B144, Tustin, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Description:  The Leader in Electronic Components Your Global Procurement Specialists, leading the market in innovative approaches to facilitating your supply chain management needs. As a leading independent distributor in the Global Semi-Conductor exchange, C Plus Electronics has forged partnerships with... (more)
Central Technologies
Address:  One Park Plaza, Suite 600, Irvine, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Classic Components
Address:  23605 Telo Ave., Torrance, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Garrett Electronics Corporation
Address:  1320 West McCoy Lane, Santa Maria, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Hirsch Electronics Corp.
Address:  1900-B Carnegie Ave., Santa Ana, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
IC Plus, Inc.
Address:  4040 Spencer Street, Suites P & Q, Torrance, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Jameco Electronics
Address:  1355 Shoreway Rd., Belmont, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Karish Industries
Address:  2294-B North Batavia, Orange, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Kowatec Corp.
Address:  1580 Oakland Rd., Suite C102, San Jose, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Laube Technology
Address:  550 Via Alondra, Camarillo, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
MDE Semiconductor, Inc.
Address:  78-150 Calle Tampico, Unit 210, La Quinta, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Meritek Electronics Corporation
Address:  11824 Hamden Place, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Distributor
Microcom Technologies, Inc.
Address:  26635 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Microsemi Corp.
Address:  1 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo, CA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Address:  PO Box 25905, Los Angeles, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Orange County Components, Inc.
Address:  2925 College Ave., Suite A5, Costa Mesa, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
Rancho Electronics, Inc.
Address:  28060 Del Rio Road, Temecula, CA
Business Type:  Distributor
RFE International, Inc.
Business Type:  Manufacturer
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Address:  17691 Mitchell North Unit B, Irvine, CA