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Heat treating services perform thermal treatments to modify the properties of metals and metal alloys. Common processes include annealing, austempering, case hardening, conventional hardening, homogenizing, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), martempering, normalizing, precipitation hardening, shot peening, solution treating, spheroidizing, stabilizing, and stress relieving. (more)
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MINTEQ® International Inc, Pyrogenics Group
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Description:  The Pyrogenics Group is the technological leader in the production of engineered carbon based products for key industries requiring innovative material solutions. These high-purity products offer unique thermal and physical properties that provide customer benefits in the form of extremely... (more)
Pyrogenics Group is a technological leader in the production of very specialized, high-purity carbon products with unique thermal, electrical, physical and chemical properties that have application advantages where extreme temperatures and stress exist.
Address:  640 N. 13th St., Easton, PA
Address:  640 North 13th Street, Easton, PA
Solar Atmospheres, Inc.
Business Type:  Service
Description:  Unsurpassed quality and capacity for the vacuum heat treating and brazing of metal parts Solar Atmospheres specializes in vacuum heat treating, vacuum brazing, vacuum carburizing, vacuum nitriding services and thermal processing research & development. Solve your metal... (more)
Solar Atmospheres - Quality Vacuum Heat Treating, Brazing, Carburizing, and Nitriding. A commercial heat treating company providing unsurpassed quality and capacity for the vacuum heat treating and brazing of metal parts.
Address:  30 Industrial Road, Hermitage, PA
Address:  1969 Clearview Road, Souderton, PA
Aerofab Inc.
Address:  722 Ridge Road, Nicktown, PA
Business Type:  Service
AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.
Address:  435 Devon Park Drive, Building 200, Wayne, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Braeburn Alloy Steel
Address:  101 Braeburn Road, Lower Burrell, PA
Business Type:  Service
Caldwell Corp.
Address:  116 West Second Street PO Box 230, Emporium, PA
Business Type:  Service
Carpenter Technology Corporation
Address:  2 Meridian Boulevard, Wyomissing, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Disston Precision, Inc.
Address:  6795 State Road, Philadelphia, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Donovan Heat Treating Co., Inc.
Address:  7399 Tulip Street, Philadelphia, PA
Business Type:  Service
EBC Industries
Address:  1325 Liberty Street, Erie, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Ellwood Specialty Steel
Address:  499 Honeybee Lane, New Castle, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
Erie Concrete & Steel Supply Co.
Address:  1301 Cranberry St., Erie, PA
Business Type:  Distributor, Service
Gasbarre Products, Inc.
Address:  590 Division St. PO Box 1022, DuBois, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer, Service
GE Oil and Gas - Dresser Pipeline Solutions
Address:  41 Fisher Avenue, Bradford, PA
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Description:  With a world class portfolio of energy infrastructure solutions and leading product brands, Dresser, Inc. is a recognized innovator in the global power and fuel industry. From oil and gas production and processing to power generation and fuel distribution, Dresser, Inc. has been defining and leading... (more)
Hamburg Manufacturing, Inc.
Address:  PO Box 147, Hamburg, PA
Business Type:  Service
Irwin Automation, Inc.
Address:  715 Cleveland Street, Greensburg, PA
Business Type:  Service
Johnstown Wire Technologies
Address:  124 Laurel Ave., Johnstown, PA
Business Type:  Service
Keystone Automatic Technology, Inc.
Address:  1 South Maple Street, Emporium, PA
Business Type:  Service