Calenders and Calendering Equipment Suppliers in Ohio

Calenders and calendering equipment apply continuous heat and pressure to densify, smooth, or otherwise modify the properties of roll goods. (more)
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Manufacturers Supplies Co.
Address:  106 Commerce Blvd., Cincinnati, OH
Business Type:  Distributor
Description:  Manufacturers Supplies Company is pleased to invite your organization to our 6th Annual “Converting Equipment Open House”, scheduled for November 4th-8th, at our location in Cincinnati, OH. This highly anticipated event will showcase the latest in converting... (more)
Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.
Address:  1600 Terex Road, Hudson, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
NFM / Welding Engineers
Address:  577 Oberlin Road SW, Massillon, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Rubber City Machinery Corporation
Address:  One Thousand Sweitzer Ave. PO Box 2043, Akron, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Stuebing Automatic Machine Co.
Address:  10400 Taconic Terrace, Cincinnati, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
Technical Machine Products
Address:  5500 Walworth Avenue, Cleveland, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer
TROESTER Machinery, Ltd.
Address:  300 Loomis Avenue, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Business Type:  Manufacturer