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November 2, 2010 
Your Connection Solutions for the Agro-Food Industry
  Your Connection Solutions for the Agro-Food Industry

Stäubli solutions are perfectly matched to any food processing operation.

Compressed air: Anti hose-whip safety couplings, ergonomic self-retracting polyurethane connection hoses, and hose reels.
Quick-release straight-through couplings: Used on water and washing solution supply boards on supply hoses to high-pressure washers.
Cleaning/disinfection: Stainless steel hose reels for pipes used for water (or cold fluid), banking-up, or suction during cleaning.
Laboratories: Gas and liquid supplies to development laboratories, breathing air supply. Very high-quality air supplies obtained by sterile filtration.
Machine fluids and automation: Cooling circuits for ham moulds. Water, gas, and air supplies to process machines, with optional pollution prevention.

Have You Had Your First Look at SolidWorks® Simulation?
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.
  Have You Had Your First Look at SolidWorks® Simulation?

SolidWorks Motion and SolidWorks Simulation can help you improve the strength and function of your designs virtually — before building a single prototype.

With SolidWorks Simulation, you can:

• Check for motion interferences within assemblies with moving parts;
• Ensure that bearings, motors, and actuators will meet design goals;
• Analyze for part failures, deflection, and weight reduction;
• …and much more.

SolidWorks Simulation helps you design it right the first time. To learn more, watch this quick demonstration of SolidWorks Simulation in action.

Interpower Corporation Cordsets 1 Week
Manufacturing Lead-Time
Interpower Corporation
  Interpower Corporation Cordsets 1 Week Manufacturing Lead-Time

Designing for export? We make it easy! Interpower Corporation has a variety of international and North American cordsets in-stock, and just a 1 week manufacturing lead-time on non-stock cordsets. Many lengths are in-stock, or you can specify your required length. We offer same-day shipments on over 100,000 cords in-stock on orders placed by 6 p.m. CST.

Interpower Corporation offers value-added options including a variety of colors, custom strip lengths, custom labeling, custom packaging, and more. 100% of our cords are tested. No minimum order requirements! Order online at or contact Customer Service at 800-662-2290 from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. CST.

Who Says Infrared Windows Have to be Round?
  Who Says Infrared Windows Have to be Round?

Who says infrared windows have to be round? Definitely not IRISS, and now definitely not you!

Innovations in the materials used in the IRISS VPFR Series, "The World's Only Industrial-Grade Infrared Window," combined with the inherent durability and transmission stability, are the cornerstone of the IRISS CAP Range and Custom Solution products. IRISS is producing and engineering IR windows that are customized to the application — rather than trying to manage the application to the limitations of the size or shape of the IR windows readily available today.

Infrared windows — not just round anymore! Come check out the new CAP Series today!

Register Today! GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering Event — November 3, 2010!
Register Today!
GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering Event — November 3, 2010 
  Register Today! GlobalSpec's Plant & Facilities Engineering Event — November 3, 2010

Join your peers and leading manufacturers for this free, informative, and interactive online conference and trade show — right from the convenience of your desktop. Participate in any or all of the educational sessions, network with peers, and meet with manufacturers eager to showcase their latest products, services, and new technology offerings. Learn more about the educational sessions offered to meet your information needs, and register today!

Distance Measuring Independent of Object Color
Baumer Ltd.
  Distance Measuring Independent of Object Color

Baumer's OADM 250 laser distance sensor is designed to accurately detect target objects, regardless of surface properties and color, at distances from 0.2 to 4 m away. Using time of flight technology, the OADM 250 offers response times of less than 10 ms, resolutions of 1.2 mm, and repeat accuracy of ±5 mm, which delivers precise data even on moving targets. Its compact size and IP67 protection, along with alarm output, make it a great fit for industrial applications.

OLED Displays All in the Wrist
  OLED Displays All in the Wrist

Eat your heart out, Dick Tracy! Universal Display Corp. has delivered flexible, wrist-mounted organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays to the U.S. Army. The active-matrix devices consist of 4.3 in. QVGA color units fabricated on amorphous-silicon TFT backplanes. In tests, the displays carried real-time video feed from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Learn more about light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

Drive-by Snooping
  Drive-by Snooping

Backscatter X-ray imaging technology isn't just confined to looking for explosives at airports. It may be rolling down a street near you. One company has delivered more than 500 backscatter X-ray-equipped vans to U.S. and foreign government agencies. When driven past other vehicles, the vans can detect explosives, drugs, or human bodies hidden in those vehicles. Privacy advocates contend that the vans violate the 4th amendment.

Learn more about X-ray instruments and X-ray systems

New! Your Complete Guide to Linear and Rotary
Motion Solutions
Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation
  New! Your Complete Guide to Linear and Rotary Motion Solutions

Choosing the best linear or rotary motion solution for your next application can be a challenge! See the newly-revised overview of Bishop-Wisecarver's complete line of linear and rotary motion solutions. This easy-to-use guide is loaded with 40 pages of valuable technical product comparisons, application examples, and custom designs! Expect more from the most trusted name in guide wheel technology. Get your digital copy now!

Why Risk a Dust Explosion?
Micro Air
  Why Risk a Dust Explosion?

The danger of explosion from combustible dust is high. Are your facility and employees at risk? Non-compliance with OSHA's Combustible Dust NEP has resulted in huge fines levied in OSHA profiled industries/regions, and serious injuries…even deaths. Rely on Micro Air to provide OSHA compliant solutions for new installations or existing dust collection systems. Solution packages could consist of NFPA compliant explosion vents, duct explosion suppression systems, and wet collectors. Clear the confusion with Micro Air combustible dust publications.

Wind Turbines Spec Eaton's Vickers® Valves
Eaton Hydraulics Group
  Wind Turbines Spec Eaton's Vickers® Valves

Variable-pitch blade control for wind turbines…a tough, continuous-duty, electro-hydraulic application that must work…all the time. With 50,000+ in continuous operation world-wide, Eaton's Vickers® KB Proportional Valves are the wind industry's choice. They are IP65 and IP67 rated, HALT tested by turbine manufacturers, and feature on-board electronics with CANBUS optional.

Torsion-resistant Robot Cables
igus Inc.
  Torsion-resistant Robot Cables

igus' Chainflex CF Robot is a shielded robot cable for applications involving high levels of torsion. Designed for both robotic and non-robotic applications, such as rotary tables or spindle drives that require high power levels. Request a complimentary catalog here.

Gyro-stabilized Turrets Provide Real-time Imaging
  Gyro-stabilized Turrets Provide Real-time Imaging

Recon is dominated by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a cost-effective approach that presents no risk to the operators — a spy in the sky that saves lives. More info...

L.A.R.R. Approved Fiberglass Structural Solutions
Strongwell Corporation
  L.A.R.R. Approved Fiberglass Structural Solutions

Strongwell's FRP composites are ideal for communication antenna screening because the materials are certified by the Los Angeles Research Report (L.A.R.R.), transparent to cellular emissions/frequencies, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and attractive. More info...

Low FST/High-temp Core Material
  Low FST/High-temp Core Material

Divinycell F is a significant breakthrough in sandwich core materials. It offers excellent FST properties, good mechanical and processing characteristics, and exceeds the requirements for commercial aircraft and train interiors. More info...

Aseptic Radial Diaphragm Valve: Insulate Valve
  Aseptic Radial Diaphragm Valve: Insulate Valve

Have a process requiring excellent temperature control? ASEPCO's valve will make your life easier. It allows you to jacket to the valve body, improving the temperature stability of your process. More info...

New Analog/Digital Pressure/Temperature
Process Measurement & Controls, Inc.
  New Analog/Digital Pressure/Temperature Transmitter

The powerful and versatile PTM/RS485 Series 43 offers both 4-20 mA and RS485 outputs for pressure and temperature. It also features programmability and high performance at an affordable price. More info...

T66 Explosion-proof Pipe Camera Tractor
Atlas Inspection Technologies, Inc.
  T66 Explosion-proof Pipe Camera Tractor

Rapidview IBAK's new T66 explosion-proof pipe inspection camera tractor builds on the highly-successful KRA 65 and incorporates many new features and enhancements. More info...

Extreme Servo Controllers for Extreme Applications
ESI/Embedded Systems, Inc.
  Extreme Servo Controllers for Extreme Applications

ESI's rugged motor controllers drastically improve delivery time and affordability for extreme applications. Controllers are available off-the-shelf to 600 V/40 A; include an EMI filter, regen, GUI, and enhanced data collection. More info...

Portable AC Cooling Unit
Tripp Lite
  Portable AC Cooling Unit

Portable AC unit provides supplemental and off-hour cooling. Built-in evaporator eliminates the need for a drain pan or water collection tank. Plugs into standard AC outlet. Watch a video. More info...

Dine and Refine: Video
  Dine and Refine: Video

A consumer-scale biofuel system is touted to convert high sugar-content organic waste into ethanol. Gas-tank-ready ethanol is delivered from a fermentation tank to the user's car via a home auto fueling pump. Video shows other components, including a generator to power a residence and a column reactor to accelerate the fermentation process.

Learn more about fuels and fuel products

Now Here's a Real Muscle Car
  Now Here's a Real Muscle Car

Do you think hybrids and plug-in electrics fall short? Consider Oregon engineer Charles Greenwood's HumanCar, which converts energy from occupants cranking the vehicle in a rowing motion to rotational motion (see video). The vehicle can take hills at 30 mph and has reached speeds of 60 mph on flat stretches. You can also add plug-in electric capability to ease the burden on a single occupant. Cost: $15,500.

More from Automotive Technology

This Month's Challenge Sponsored by Metal Powder Industries Federation
  View Metal Powder Industries Federation's Video: 'The Sustainability Continuum'

View the video, "The Sustainability Continuum," to learn how powder metal technology supports sustainable manufacturing and can enhance your own efforts to produce green products.

The Marathon Runner

A marathon runner completes 40 laps of a 5 km oval track, located at the equator, in exactly 24 hrs. Approximately what was the athlete's average velocity in: topocentric coordinates (Earth surface based); and geocentric coordinates (Earth center based, non-rotating relative to the distant stars)?

Answer / Discuss

Survey Says: Clean for Safety and Profitability

"In recent years, an increased focus on safety and security has permeated almost every industry in the United States, as well as abroad. Environmental concerns, economic competitiveness and technology have converged, causing industry and government to re-evaluate operating and manufacturing processes. A specific issue for consideration is the increased emphasis placed on providing environmentally safe and more cost-effective ways of cleaning industrial plants, facilities and related equipment." Read this article in its entirety.

This article is provided by Nilfisk CFM.

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