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August 16th, 2006 - Volume 1 Issue 2
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Industry Trends & Events  Differences Drive Success...  more >>
Spotlight On  
  • AC and DC Hipot Plus; Cable/Harness/Backplane Testing Made Easy; Digital Telemetry Torque Sensors; Test and Measurement Accessories...  more >>
  • Compact Digital Torquemeters; Manufacturing Parts Inspection Systems; Complimentary One-Hour Market Access Webinar...  more >>
  • The One You Choose for Product Test and Component Screening; Hardness and Crack Tester for Harsh Environments...  more >>

EE Lab & Test  Gain Error in Op Amps; Tools Generate Test Signals...  more >>

Non-Destructive Testing  An Ounce of Prevention; Know the Companies You Deal With...  more >>

Materials & Product Testing  It's All In the Printing; True RMS Measures Non-Linear Loads...   more >>

Testing Services  Meeting European EMC Specs; Running Lean...  more >>

Careers  A Better Job Search by Design; Make Me a Match; Where Test Engineers Meet...  more >>

Diversions  Catch an Exploding Star; The Chicken and the Egg of HDTV...  more >>

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Questions and Discussions
Differences Drive Success

Differences Drive SuccessThere is nothing more difficult than predicting the direction of the Test and Measurement industry. And no segment is more unpredictable than consumer electronics. A book from IBM tries to make sense of it all. The abstract and Chapter 1 (available at no cost on the IBM Web site) cover every element of success: technology, design, service, branding, channel strategies, and much more. Whether an executive or engineer, you will find that this book can help determine your differentiators, as well as focus on your key success drivers. It explores the turbulent relationship between manufacturers and customers in this ever-changing market. (Registration may be required.)

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Spotlight On . . .
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Vitrek Corporation
944i AC and DC Hipot Plus

944i AC and DC Hipot Plus If you need one hipot tester that does the work of a many instruments, consider the speed, power, and flexibility of the Vitrek 944i. This compact dielectric analyzer lets you test up to 10KVDC and 8KVAC while measuring leakage currents as low as 1 nano-amp. The 944i tests IR up to 100 gigohms, continuity from 1 milli-ohm up to 500 ohms and is available with GPIB and or RS232 interfaces.

Cirris Systems Corp.
Cable/Harness/Backplane Testing Made Easy

Cable/Harness/Backplane Testing Made EasyCirris offers the widest selection of cable, harness, and backplane testers in the world. From small benchtop cable testers to large, high-voltage harness and backplane testers, we have it all. Also check out our Web site for the most comprehensive collection of technical information on cable and harness testing anywhere.

Honeywell Sensing and Control
Digital Telemetry Torque Sensors, TMS9000

Digital Telemetry Torque Sensors, TMS9000When conditions are tough, Honeywell's Lebow torque sensors are tougher. Sensor operators have acknowledged the unequaled accuracy, durability, and quality of Lebow sensors. The advanced generation of rotary transformer sensors, a non-contact telemetry system, is designed for enhanced accuracy and versatility. View all Honeywell Lebow / Sensotec products...

Multi-Contact USA
Test and Measurement Accessories

Test and Measurement AccessoriesMulti-Contact's Test and Measurement products include a complete line of touch-proof, insulated test accessories, high frequency safety accessories, and a wide range of highly flexible test lead wires. Whether for testing, measuring, or diagnosis of components and systems their test accessories offer you the performance, dependability, and repeatability you need.

EE Lab & Test . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
Gain Error in Op Amps

Gain Error in Op AmpsOp amps can never achieve the ideal performance that you would like to see in your products. Their always non-zero gain error can mark the difference between pass and fail at the system level. This article attempts to demystify the myth of ideal op amp performance. Its discussion includes several diagrams and transfer functions for illustration.

Tools Generate Test Signals

Tools Generate Test SignalsSometimes solving a problem requires looking in a most unlikely place. For example, industry stalwart Jon Titus has created two Visual Basic macros that run in Microsoft® Excel® to create and manipulate test signals to your specification. Design News helps present his ideas and provides a link to download the software.

Non-Destructive Testing . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of PreventionElectronic test has two distinct functions. It catches faults in products after you build them, but it also provides information to improve product future yields. Though usually confined to the fault-identifying step, Agilent Technologies outlines how automated optical inspection can also serve well in process feedback to minimize manufacturing defect rates.

Know the Companies You Deal With

Know the Companies You Deal WithWhen it comes time to choose a test equipment vendor, it often helps to consider other company's choices. Some vendors have gained while others have slipped. This Test & Measurement World survey looks at the health of the overall industry in 2005 and the relative success of some of its leaders.

Spotlight On . . .
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S. Himmelstein and Company
MCRT Compact Digital Torquemeters

MCRT Compact Digital TorquemetersOur new MCRT® 48200V Series Digital Torquemeters. These compact, non-contact devices have full scale ranges from 25 to 10,000 lbf-in. They output ±10V or ±5V analogs of torque, as well as engineering unit data via a resident com port. Two accuracy grades are offered: 0.2% and 0.15%. Go here to visit our Web site.

Versatile Products II
Manufacturing Parts Inspection Systems

Manufacturing Parts Inspection SystemsVersatile Products II manufactures thread inspection systems and sensors to detect thread presence, depth, pitch, and quality. Because we utilize eddy current principles our equipment will work in the presence of coolants, oil, grease, etc. Our systems are very modular so there is no practical limit to how many holes we can inspect simultaneously.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Complimentary One-Hour Market Access Webinar

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.Receive high-level information to assist you with determining product requirements for your intended market. This one-hour webinar will provide a regulatory overview for: Europe, China, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. More information and registration for this complimentary Webinar.

Materials & Product Testing . . .
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It's All In the Printing

It's All In the PrintingSwitching to lead-free solder requires adjusting processes to a material with a higher melting point, lower wetting, and lower flow than its leaded predecessor. Different root cause errors were exhibited as well. A Circuits Assembly article advocates early inspection and correction to minimize the impact of this transition on product quality.

True RMS Measures Non-Linear Loads

True RMS Measures Non-Linear LoadsIn HVAC and cooling applications, modern solid-state adjustable speed drives and heating controls containing power semiconductors or rectifiers (non-linear loads) draw current in short bursts rather than conventional sine waves. Average responding RMS test tools may read from 5% to 40% low in these situations. Test equipment manufacturer Fluke recommends "true RMS" tools for greater accuracy.

Testing Services . . .
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Meeting European EMC Specifications

Meeting European EMC SpecificationsThe strict electromagnetic compatibility specifications required of any product sold into the European Union has caused considerable difficulty among electronics manufacturers around the world. Compliance must be verified by a certified EMC test laboratory. This page from one such laboratory — TUV — explains the nature of the problem and the regulations to which manufacturers must adhere.

Running Lean

Running LeanA manufacturing and test service must offer customers a balance between high-quality products and reasonable prices. Achieving this goal means eliminate waste wherever possible — waste materials, waste labor, unnecessary processes, etc. This article describes one company's success, and provides hints on how to get similar results in your own operation.

Spotlight On . . .
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Sypris Test and Measurement
The One You Choose for Product Test and Component Screening

Sypris Test and MeasurementWith over 40 years of component and product testing experience, Sypris Test & Measurement has the right equipment, right standards, and right people to meet your critical testing needs. Sypris' laboratories are ISO 9001:2000 registered, A2LA accredited, ISTA certified, and DSCC suitable. Contact a Sypris representative today by calling: 800-839-4959.

Uson, L.P.
Hardness and Crack Tester for Harsh Environments

Hardness and Crack Tester for Harsh EnvironmentsEddy current is a clean, non-destructive test method that inspects every part at production line speeds. Its accuracy can meet or exceed traditional test methods without lengthy preparation or damage to parts. Now with a new heavy duty enclosure, Uson's multi channel InSite tester can be put to work — even in harsh environments.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs
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A Better Job Search by Design

DiceDiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

Make Me a Match

Make Me a MatchA test engineer looking for a new job faces a considerable challenge. Companies needing qualified test engineers tend to experience equal frustration. The Just Test Web site offers both parties a place to browse the available candidates and possibly identify a perfect match. Find positions in engineering or sales in the test field.

Where Test Engineers Meet

Where Test Engineers MeetTest engineers do have a peer-to-peer professional network. The American Society of Test Engineers (ASTE) provides a valuable source of technical information to professionals involved with any kind of testing. It offers news of conferences and symposia, reviews more than 20 technical magazines every month, and provides a host of other services.

Diversions . . .
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Catch an Exploding Star

Catch an Exploding StarAstronomers around the world recently observed a rarely seen event — a star about to explode as a supernova. The star briefly bathed the earth with light 1000 times greater than normal. The last known occurrence of such an event was recorded by astronomer Tycho Brahe in 1572.

The Chicken and the Egg of HDTV

The Chicken and the Egg of HDTVEveryone is talking about HDTV. The price of the sets is falling, and manufacturers are hoping that come this year's holiday season, everyone will want one. At the same time, however, the number of HDTV programming choices remains very limited. A Dallas Morning News article describes the sometimes conflicting expectations of retailers and their customers.

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