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October 10th, 2006 - Volume 2 Issue 10
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Industry Trends & Events  For Complex Projects, Follow
the Blueprint...  more >>
Spotlight On  
  • Focus on Product Innovation; PDF application; Signal Processing Resource Kit; 3D Design Kit...  more >>
  • CFD Post-Processing Software; Source for Critical Information; Smart ERP Software; FEA Software...  more >>
  • CFD Software; Embedded Software Design...  more >>

Computer Aided Design (CAD)  PC Clusters Enhance Visualization; Gear Design Proves Software's Mettle...  more >>

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)  Machining Seminar Draws a Crowd; 50 CAM Enhancements...  more >>

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)  New Chip Speeds Simulation; Cool Solutions for Data Centers...   more >>

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)  Medical Device Projects on Track; RoHS Compliance...  more >>

Careers  A Better Job Search; Design Courses; ASME's Annual Congress; Rich Source for Career Info...  more >>

Diversions  Lockheed's Plum Design Project; Tracing the Roots of Innovation...  more >>

Links of Interest  Additional Product-Centric e-Newsletters from GlobalSpec...   more >>

Industry Trends & Events . . .
Questions and Discussions
For Complex Projects, Follow the Blueprint

For Complex Projects, Follow the BlueprintSuccess in multi-faceted engineering projects largely hinges on one thing: Fashioning a detailed plan describing how all departments will work together every step of the way. So argues a recent article in Mechanical Engineering, which features examples from the engineering world as well as the views of authors Vince Kasten and Ralph Welborn. Their new book, Get it Done, cites poor communication as a prime culprit in project failure. As they see it, managers must know in detail how engineering works with manufacturing, marketing, and IT.

What's your take on the biggest hurdles facing engineers involved in big projects? How can software help? Use the Questions & Discussion button to weigh in with your own comments at the all new CR4 — GlobalSpec's Engineering Community.

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Focus on Product Innovation Instead of Learning New Tools

Focus on Product Innovation instead of Learning New ToolsFully associative with most popular CAD programs, COSMOSDesignSTAR provides simple, accurate finite element analysis that gives designers a safety net for catching errors. Designers are free to innovate new and better products, secure in the knowledge that they won't pass costly mistakes down the line. Learn more here.

Bluebeam Software, Inc.
Bluebeam PDF Revu for CAD Users

Bluebeam Software, Inc.Create, View, Markup, and Edit PDF files with easy-to-use software designed specifically for CAD users. Includes one-button PDFs, batch creation for AutoCAD and SolidWorks, and CAD specific markup tools to review and redline designs. Tablet PC compatible. Download a 30-day trial.

National Instruments
NI Signal Processing, Analysis, and Math Resource Kit

NI Signal Processing, Analysis, and Math Resource KitDownload the Signal Processing Resource kit to learn how NI LabVIEW can help make sense out of raw data you need to manipulate, process, and analyze acquired data and extract information. View tutorials, white papers, or webcasts to learn about built in alternatives: graphical dataflow programming and textual MathScript. Download the resource kit today.

SolidWorks Corporation
See What Happens When you Adopt 3D CAD from SolidWorks Corporation

SolidWorks CorporationLearn why 3D should be part of your future with a new white paper titled: 3D Design Tools Give Manufacturers a Competitive Edge. Published by Machine Design, this white paper details an objective, compelling case for adopting 3D CAD.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
PC Clusters Enhance Visualization

PC Clusters Enhance VisualizationNo matter what your CAD package, you don't need pricey supercomputers to create a virtual world. UK-based Virtalis' Visionary Framework couples with PTC's DIVISION MockUp visualization software to manipulate large data models on clusters of three or more off-the-shelf PCs. The technology projects to an audience the same virtual reality environment seen by someone equipped with a head-mounted display. One satisfied early user: Elasis, the design subsidiary of Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Gear Design Proves Software's Mettle

Gear Design Proves Software's MettleIf your job involves gear design, this report in Desktop Engineering shows the advantages of Solid Edge version 19 software from UGS, part of the Velocity Series™ products. First off, gear drawings done in 2D can be easily integrated into the software's 3D modeling environment. Besides a revamped explode, render, and animate toolset, the version 19 includes new motion simulation. This feature lets you add gear-relationship types and motors to the assembly for more realistic mechanism representation.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
Advanced Machining Seminar Draws a Crowd

Advanced Machining Seminar Draws a CrowdAs further testimony to Turkey's fast-growing role as production Mecca for Europe, 300 Turkish manufacturers attended a recent seminar and demo near Istanbul on CAD/CAM techniques for sophisticated 5-axis machining. The session was jointly sponsored by Israel's Cimatron, a producer of CAM software, and Turkey's Iscar, a major global supplier of metalworking tools. Demos featured CimatronE, a comprehensive software package for 5-axis production of complex parts. Key features: tool path creation, tool orientation, and collision avoidance.

CAM Package Touts 50 Enhancements

CAM Package Touts 50 EnhancementsEngineers visiting the big September IMTS show in Chicago got a peek at Teksoft's latest product, CAMWorks™ 2007, which reportedly boasts 50 enhancements. Features include new toolpath controls for 2-5 axis milling, turning, and wire EDM for improved quality and reduced machining time. The CAM package integrates with SolidWorks 3D mechanical design software, and this latest version offers several user interface options for display and navigation. Among other notable improvements: Machining of parts configurations in assembly mode.

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FIELDVIEW from Intelligent Light
Improve your CFD Capability, Productivity, and Impact

Improve your CFD Capability, Productivity, and ImpactGet your answer fast and make your work stand out with powerful post-processing using FIELDVIEW. Increase the ROI from your investments in FLUENT, STAR-CD, and other commercial and in-house CFD solvers.

Gain Full Understanding → Prove Your Point
More information and a complimentary trial of FIELDVIEW are available on our Web site.

Information Handling Services, Inc.
The Source for Critical Information and Insight

Information Handling Services, Inc.IHS is a single-source provider of critical technical information from more than 370 Standards Developing Organizations, tier-1 manufacturers, and key government agencies worldwide. The IHS products/services suite offers data on specifications and standards, regulations, parts, manufacturers' products, and engineering methods. IHS provides products/services to engineering-intensive companies in over 100 countries.

Smart ERP Software for Manufacturers

IQMSSingle source software is smarter! With no third-party interfaces and all the functionality of so called "best of breed" packages, our EnterpriseIQ system is the intelligent choice. From Quality and SPC to Payroll and Production Monitoring, our ERP system is easier to maintain, implement, and use! We guarantee it!!

Noran Engineering, Inc.
Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software

Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA) SoftwareNew to FEA? Experienced FEA user? Get design insight for structural, dynamic, and thermal engineering problems with Nastran FEA. Virtual models reveal stress, strain, thermal gradients, vibration modes, and other engineering entities. Nastran FEA promotes innovation, improves quality, cuts prototype and testing costs, and gets you to market faster.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
New Intel Chip Speeds Simulation

New Intel Chip Speeds SimulationIntel’s new dual-core Xeon® processor looks like a winner for engineers who need to complete simulations faster. Using its MD Nastran™ package, MSC.Software did benchmarking tests of the new chip versus the previous generation Xeon processor.
Result: A 32% boost in performance in standard parallel benchmarks and a 17% improvement in serial benchmarks. This enhanced simulation power is a major plus, notes MSC Product Development VP Reza Sadeghi, as the level of detail increases in finite element models.

Some Cool Solutions for Data Centers

Some Cool Solutions for Data CentersEnterprises ranging from financial services to internet service providers require huge server networks with ever-greater performance requirements. Cooling these giant data centers has become a growing concern and has prompted a new partnership between Appro, a provider of enterprise computing systems, and Fluent, maker of CFD software and a subsidiary of ANSYS. The two have published a white paper offering solutions to cooling problems.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) . . .
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Questions and Discussions Learn more Search by Spec The Engineering Web®
Keep Medical Device Projects on Track

Keep Medical Device Projects on TrackMedical firms struggle to preserve innovation in a climate of heavy regulation. To help, Dassault Systémes has updated its MatrixOne Medical Device Accelerator, a PLM software package customized to meet quality system regulations facing the medical field. Tim Anderson, director of engineering for Possis Medical, a catheter manufacturer, says the software helps his firm better manage the product development process, while giving everyone on a project team access to information.

Create a System for RoHS Compliance

Create a System for RoHS ComplianceIn meeting the European Union's tough hazardous substance regulations, smart companies must do more than just prove that individual products comply, urges Arena Solutions CEO Michael Topolovac in Design News. The PLM expert recommends that companies set up formalized systems to examine suppliers and record material content in products. Without such a system, Topolovac notes that companies must maintain individual records on every component, an enormous task in complex products.

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Flow Science, Inc.
Version 9.1 of FLOW-3D®

Version 9.1 of FLOW-3D®Flow Science's principle product, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, FLOW-3D®, is a powerful modeling tool that gives engineers valuable insight into many physical flow processes. With special capabilities for accurately predicting surface flows, FLOW-3D® is the ideal software to use in the design phase as well as in improving production processes. FLOW-3D® is an all-inclusive package.

GDA Technologies, Inc.
Embedded Software Design

Embedded Software DesignGDA Technologies, Inc. offers a high level of embedded software design services that address consumer hand-held including PDA, telecom, networking, server validations, and defense. GDA can support process architectures from MIPS, X86, PowerPC, Power QUICC, ARM, Intel IXPxxxx, Intel PXAxxx, NetSilicon NS9xxx, and more.

Careers . . .
Engineering Jobs Go Here
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by DesignDiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

Click Here
ASME Continuing Education
Design Courses from ASME

Design Courses from ASMEGet your onsite and online training from ASME NOW!
Intro to Finite Element Analysis Online Course
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Fundamentals
CAD & Manufacturing Online Course
Geometric Tolerancing Applications with Stacks
Geometric Tolerancing Stacks and Analysis

Get Set for ASME's Annual Congress

Get Set for ASME's Annual CongressAmong the technical conferences that attendees can tap at ASME's Nov. 5-10 congress and exposition at the Chicago Hilton are sessions on computers and information in engineering, including talks on Web-based product data management and case studies on use of PLM in mechatronics. Special industry tracks focus on biomedical, energy development, and homeland security, as well design and manufacturing and payoffs from computer simulation, FEA, and rapid prototyping.

Another Rich Source for Career Info

Another Rich Source for Career InfoWhether you have PE credentials or not, don't overlook the Web site of the National Society of Professional Engineers. A recent search of its job board turned up several design and development jobs from medical giant Becton Dickinson. The site's Career Central feature also provides information on salary trends, mentoring programs, as well as discussion forums and articles on hot issues like outsourcing. There's also free posting of online resumes.

Diversions . . .
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Lockheed Lands a Plum Design Project

Lockheed Lands a Plum Design ProjectNASA has selected Maryland-based Lockheed Martin Corp. as the prime contractor to develop and build Orion, the next-generation spacecraft. Value of the design/build contract: about $4 billion. Orion will transport four crewmembers for lunar missions and later support crew transfers for Mars missions. It could also carry up to six crew members to and from the International Space Station. The first manned Orion launch is planned no later than 2014.

Tracing the Roots of Innovation

Tracing the Roots of InnovationIf there's one thing that quickens an engineer's pulse, it's the feeling of working on something entirely new. Get a glimpse of how SRI International has invented technologies ranging from the computer mouse to robotic surgery in Innovation, a new book co-authored by SRI CEO Curtis Carlson. SRI's technical, legal, and marketing people routinely come to the "watering hole" where news ideas get scrutinized, based on customer needs and cost/benefit to SRI.

Links of Interest . . .
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