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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Medical Equipment Design
November 15, 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 11
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Navigating the Rapids of Prototyping

Navigating the Rapids of Prototyping Bringing a new product idea to market ASAP is mandatory to soak the competition, and it is particularly important in the competitive ortho industry. The quickest route from idea to actualization is rapid prototyping, and contract manufacturers are devoting increased design and production resources to swiftly turning out prototypes that demonstrate device functionality and manufacturability. The process itself has advanced to accommodate more design iterations and even product line expansion, which translate into shorter timelines for product launch. Orthopedic Design & Technology notes how the tide has turned in tactics taken to expedite product turnaround. How could you benefit from rapid prototyping?

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Honeywell's HCH-1000 Series Capacitive Humidity Sensors
Honeywell Sensing and Control

Honeywell's HCH-1000 Series Capacitive Humidity Sensors Honeywell's HCH-1000 Series Capacitive Humidity Sensor is a lower cost solution delivering enhanced accuracy and response time, and long-term stability for applications not requiring on-board active signal conditioning. It is in Single Inline Package form, offers a higher maximum operating temperature, and is available uncased and cased (for dust protection).

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Precision Metal Stampings and Assemblies

Hobson and Motzer, Inc.

Precision Metal Stampings and Assemblies  Hobson & Motzer is your single source for quality critical precision metal stampings and assemblies. With expertise in manufacturing and secondary operations, our service-oriented company specializes in process engineering, documented quality, production, die design, die building, value added assemblies, and laser welding.

Torque Limiting Wrenches
ECA Medical Instruments

Torque Limiting Wrenches The MedWrench™ series of disposable torque limiting wrenches has been developed to meet the exacting needs of lead standard IS1. With pre-set factory torque, the MedWrench™ is accurate as well as affordable, and has become the tool of choice for implant physicians worldwide.

Multilayer Extrusions
Specialty Silicone Fabricators, Inc.

Multilayer Extrusions Extrusion continues to be an integral part of today's sophisticated medical device. Specialty Silicone Fabricators understands this and meets these challenges with quality and consistency in existing and new formulations of profile, spiral twist, and Geo-Trans® silicone tubing. Their custom silicone extrusions have a verified history of success in many hospital applications.

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Design to Build

Design to Build A sampling of successful companies in this Job Shop Technology essay underscores the value of connecting device design with cost-effective manufacturing processes. Combine contract design and manufacturing expertise to define materials, processes, and design routes that lower costs and foster innovation. Could outsourcing product design and/or manufacturing help you to focus on your corporate strengths?

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Skeletonize Cycle Times

Skeletonize Cycle Times How did an ortho implant manufacturer reduce its bone rasp production cycle time from four hours to under one, and shorten lead times from weeks to days? This precision CNC grinder with post-processing output and 3D simulation/verification capabilities automatically compensates for grinder wheel wear, helping keep product run time to bare bones minimum.

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Connector Customization Criteria

Connector Customization Criteria Some forethought can simplify the task of customized connector design. First define temperature, sterilization, and other intended operating conditions to guide material selection. Pin count increases and disposability are trends noted in this Medical Design article, which also stresses product testing to validate device cycle life and durability.

Incredible Shrinking Circuitry

Incredible Shrinking Circuitry Implantable devices require microscopic circuits — advances in electronic miniaturization contribute in a big way. The flip-chip process halves circuitry space requirements while 3D chip-scale packaging offers a 75-80% size reduction. Medical Electronics Manufacturing sizes up techniques used to help patients suffering from chronic pain, urinary incontinence, and limb dysfunction.

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Workshop: The Promise of Productivity
Swiss Tec, LLC

Workshop: The Promise of Productivity In today's highly competitive marketplace, medical device manufacturers have to continuously adapt manufacturing capabilities in order to stay ahead. Find out why leading manufacturers choose SWISSTEC high performance micro-machining equipment to upgrade their productivity: test-drive the new Swiss Tec Micro-T15 platform — the world's fastest, most productive laser micro-machining system.

New Era of Temperature Sensing
Semitec USA Corp.

New Era of Temperature Sensing Semitec makes Ultra Thin Film Thermistors developed by its innovative manufacturing techniques. Due to its small mass, the thermistors react extremely quickly to temperature changes.

Semitec also utilizes these thin film thermistors to make various temperature sensors which need critical temperature sensing in various fields.

Conductive and Static Dissipating Connectors and Components
Connectors Unlimited, Inc.

Conductive and Static Dissipating Connectors and Components Black Beauty (B2) utilizes static electricity-dissipating plastic to protect equipment and users from static discharge. A conductive plastic is also available which provides thermal or electrical properties. Either type of Black Beauty (B2) plastic can be custom molded to your specifications. Contact Connectors Unlimited for all your interconnect needs.

Medical Device Engineering Report: Reducing Time to Market
CFdesign® Upfront CFD Software

Medical Device Engineering Report: Reducing Time to Market Failures on projects are often the catalyst for companies to investigate next-generation computer-aided engineering solutions. This report delves into the common mistakes companies designing medical devices have made and offers recommendations to help unlock the power of these technologies in the early stages of product development.

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Keep Refined Design in Mind

Keep Refined Design in Mind Imbue medical devices with pleasing touch points that effectively communicate product quality and function. Use these tactile cues and visual design tips in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry to engineer connections, push buttons and keys, wheels and casters, and other moving parts to influence users' perceptions of device quality while controlling costs.

Be Proactive Without Paper

Be Proactive Without Paper Can customer complaints be transformed into assets? They can with an electronic compliance management system used to track complaints, quickly identify chronic product flaws, and take remedial actions. Perhaps it is time to scrap the paper chase in favor of this software solution.

Imaging Technology . . .
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High Image Clarity with Low Vibration

High Image Clarity with Low Vibration The imaging clarity of vibration-sensitive Nanotechnology instrumentation improves with negative-stiffness vibration isolation technology. Less costly than active isolation-based options, these systems use a mechanical method to isolate low-frequency vibrations. The results for fluorescent dye imaging or microscopy applications will be clear.

Mapping the Brain

Mapping the Brain Neurosurgeons get deeper into the heart of grey matter with new software that integrates data from MRI, functional MRI, and diffusion-tensor imaging to yield an interactive 3D structure of the brain. Visualization of detailed spatial relationships between structures will render this useful for epilepsy and brain tumor surgery, reports Technology Review.

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Precious Metals and Alloys for Medical Devices
Sigmund Cohn Corp.

Precious Metals and Alloys for Medical Devices Sigmund Cohn Corp. is a manufacturer of platinum, palladium, gold, and specialty metals and alloys. Abilities include bare wire, sheet, tubing, and ribbon as well as plated and coated material. They offer fabricated, machined, stamped and extruded forms for the medical device industry. Call or e-mail with your particular need.

Precision Electroforms for Medical Applications
Servometer — PMG, LLC

Precision Electroforms for Medical Applications Servometer® — PMG, LLC precision electroforms are found in a variety of non-invasive, invasive, and implantable applications. These precise, thin-walled metal components can be made as small as 0.020 in. (0.5 mm), with walls as thin as 0.0005 in. (0.0127 mm), out of nickel, copper, gold, silver, or any combination thereof.

Full Service Contract Manufacturer
MME Group Inc.

Full Service Contract Manufacturer With 30 years experience, MME Group understands the challenges you face bringing products to market and have developed processes to increase your speed-to market. We are a full turn-key contract manufacturer. We also offer value-added services including program management, assembly, and packaging. Visit us at for additional capabilities.

Light for Custom Applications
Fiberoptic Systems, Inc.

Light for Custom Applications Since 1982, Fiberoptic Systems has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of fiber optic assemblies for all industries. FSI provides the highest quality products at an affordable and competitive price.

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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Satisfaction Cited in 2006 Salary Survey

Satisfaction Cited in 2006 Salary Survey A canvass of your colleagues shows that while internal politics and understaffing remain on-the-job frustrations, most 2006 Medical Product Outsourcing survey respondents are satisfied with job compensation and security levels. Why wouldn't they be? Readers outpaced the national annual salary for all occupations within the medical equipment and supplies manufacturing industry.

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Stem Cell Science Simplified

Stem Cell Science Simplified Stay informed on stem cell science by viewing this interactive tutorial from the University of Michigan. Explore facts on cell specialization, adult stem cells, therapeutic cloning, and drug screening. You also can visit links to other multimedia sites highlighting relevant research and discussions. Information ranges from the basics of stem cell science, to university research, and polling results.

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Recent surveys say few corporate execs are pleased with financial returns from funds allocated to innovation. Why do most fail to make the leap from invention to innovation, while Apple, Google, and others profit from their creativity?

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