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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Oil & Gas Technology
December 22, 2010   Upcoming e-Events
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Fostering Fluid Facts

Fostering Fluid Facts Not so long ago, drillers could use appropriate fluids without someone looking over their shoulders. Nowadays, dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico and proprietary hydrofracking compounds in northeastern states are fueling intense public concern. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently subpoenaed Halliburton to disclose components in its fracking fluids, although Pennsylvania backed off on similar requirements. Halliburton took the high road, fostering transparency and communication through a public Web site. Encouraging public support of hydrofracking is vital, since a few small mistakes are all it could take to turn national sentiment against the practice.

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MSA Gas Detection Systems
MSA — The Safety Company

MSA Gas Detection Systems MSA is dedicated to providing the highest-quality flame- and gas-monitoring fixed instruments for oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Globally-approved permanent instruments are reliable, easy-to-use, and durable. MSA provides complete gas detection solutions for your needs with the best products, service, and support in the industry.

Call 1.800.MSA.INST or visit for gas detection solutions.

The Hinged Reverse Thread Chaser
Chase 'em Back Tools

The Hinged Reverse Thread Chaser New thread repair tools will save you time and money. To learn more about the hinged reverse thread chaser go here.

To order call, fax, or e-mail: Chase 'em Back Tools

•  Phone: (707)279-9346
•  Fax: (707)279-9300
•  E-mail:

The Defacto Standard for Custody Transfer

Ametek Calibration Instruments

The Defacto Standard for Custody Transfer — PK II Low pressure, portable, and ideal for field or laboratory use. The PK II tester is used for low pressure applications up to 30 psi. Available in seven engineering units. Accuracy of up to ±0.015% of reading. Rugged case made for 'closed case' operation. The tester base includes a built-in mounting for optional tripod use.

Industrial Modems — Universal, Safe, and


Industrial Modems — Universal, Safe, and Efficient Phoenix Contact's Industrial Modem Line enables reliable communication via all telecommunications channels using common machine and system interfaces. It offers complete solutions for remote control, remote maintenance, and alarm messaging. With the addition of Industrial Cellular and DSL Modems, the line provides an ideal remote solution for industrial applications worldwide.

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Amine Tail Gas Treatment with Low CO2 Emissions
Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Amine Tail Gas Treatment with Low CO2 Emissions Anguil oxidizer systems have been used in the natural gas processing industry for Amine tail-gas, Glycol Regenerators, and Soil Remediation projects. When compared to conventional air pollution control technologies, Anguil systems offer: reduced CO2 emissions, lower operating expenses, and higher destruction efficiency.

Our oxidizers are built with specific materials of construction and design considerations to combat the presence of acid gasses present in the process gas.

Exploration & Drilling . . .
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Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave Need a low-cost way to illuminate fractured reservoirs with surface generated S waves? U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored University of Texas research combines low-cost, vertical point-source seismic generators with advanced S wave visualization techniques. Try their approach for unobtrusive seismic surveys in and under inhabited areas.

Dodge Those Kicks

Dodge Those Kicks Avoiding kicks is important to drilling operations, but knowing when to quit and when not to is critical to profitability. Drilling Contractor describes common misconceptions in kick tolerance calculations and provides a method for setting operating parameters that maintain safety without compromising production economics.

Refining . . .
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Uncork Your Hydrogen

Uncork Your Hydrogen Expanding hydrogen plant capacity is expensive and time-consuming. Before re-engineering the entire plant, Hydrocarbon Engineering recommends focusing on reforming and shift conversion, purification, and process gas cooling. Low temperature shift converters can improve capacity 5% or more, while optimizing PSA adsorbent mixtures could add an additional 2%.

Reading Amine Tea Leaves

Reading Amine Tea Leaves Contaminants in amine systems affect equipment life and refinery throughput. Understanding what chemical analysis of system outputs says about your process is critical to maintaining a profitable operation. This presentation from the recent Sulfur Recovery Symposium helps bridge the knowledge gap between chemist and process engineer.

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Your Gateway to HART Network Flexibility

Your Gateway to HART Network Flexibility Phoenix Contact is bringing our industrial wireless expertise to your HART sensor network. With its flexible installation options, web-based management, and wired and wireless backhaul capabilities, our new WirelessHART gateway increases efficiency, saves time, and gets your data where it needs to go.

Compact Digital Torquemeters
Himmelstein, S. and Company

Compact Digital Torquemeters Compact digital torquemeteres are compact, non-contact devices, and have full scale ranges from 25 to 10,000 lbf-in. They have no pots or switches, and require no manual adjustments. Select from any of 10 supported units of measure without recalibration. Learn more...

Nomex Coveralls Flash Fire Protection
Safety Protection Warehouse

Nomex Coveralls Flash Fire Protection Nomex coveralls are an industry standard for the oil and gas sector.

The Nomex fabric will provide you with the compliance requirements needed to meet the NFPA 2112 standard on flame resistant garments for protection of industrial personnel against flash fire and are preferred by workers in petrochemical and refinery environments.

SIL Suitable Gas and Flame Detectors
General Monitors, Inc.

SIL Suitable Gas and Flame Detectors General Monitors, the industry's premier plant safety monitoring solution provider, announces that its core gas and flame detectors have received IEC 61508 certification from FM Approvals, demonstrating suitability to a particular Safety Integrity Level (SIL).

Production . . .
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Performance Pumping

Performance Pumping Water-alternating-gas injection is a key tool in tertiary oil recovery, but introduces high produced-fluid volumes. With proper management, electric submersible pumps can handle the liquid overload. This Journal of Petroleum Technology article explains how free gas, carbonic acid, and asphaltene resins damage pump operation, and how to avoid it.

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Reservoir Model Maven

Reservoir Model Maven University-initiated research in the western U.S. is providing feedback for industry that improves reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon production. Some efforts integrate geology, geophysics, and petroleum engineering to benefit production using carbon dioxide-based EOR and sequestration. American Oil & Gas Reporter summarizes recent advances in reservoir modeling techniques to help optimize injection well patterns.

Distribution . . .
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Video: Stretch Pipeline Service Life

Video: Stretch Pipeline Service Life Worried about corrosion in your older pipelines? Like inserting a stent in a damaged artery, polymer liners can be stretched through 60 in. pipes up to 1.5 km in length. When tension is released, they expand back to a tightly fitted lining that extends the service life of corroded pipelines.

Join Up

Join Up First used for LDC gas distribution over 50 years ago, plastic pipe has taken its rightful place in the industry. As these pipelines age, in-situ joint inspection techniques are gaining increased attention. Pipeline and Gas Journal describes where the technology is heading: toward microwave and digital x-ray inspection.

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ELDS™ Ultra Sensitive Gas Detection,
No False Alarms

Senscient Inc.

ELDS™ Ultra Sensitive Gas Detection, No False Alarms Senscient ELDS™ Open Path Gas Detectors detect lowest levels of 'sour' oil or gas. Innovative ELDS™ OPGD overcomes all problems of existing open path and point gas detectors with no sensor replacements, no field calibration, no un-revealed failures with superior response and durability in the harshest conditions.

Tapes for the Oil and Gas Industry

DeWAL Industries, Inc.

Tapes for the Oil and Gas Industry DeWAL oil and gas tapes provide the temperature and chemical resistance of Teflon® FEP and PTFE backing films combined with DeWAL proprietary adhesive systems. The intrinsic frictional qualities of these backing materials allow for smooth operation, even under the most demanding application conditions.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Fracking Risks and Reality

Fracking Risks and Reality With the recent moratorium on hydrofracturing in New York, legislative debates on its safety have breached the scientific barrier. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, are ignoring public sentiment in order to balance their budgets. Drillers need to understand the regulatory climate at home and in Washington. Carefully managing public relations and physical operations will maintain profitability. This report explains how to convert hype and fear to opportunity.

Diversions . . .
Video: Hurry Up and Wait

Video: Hurry Up and Wait Getting big trucks going takes a lot of fuel, and it's such a shame to waste all that momentum stopping them. Watch how Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles use compression technologies to turn some of that inertia and momentum into fuel savings. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this may be the next best thing for heavy vehicles that deliver fuel, pick up garbage, or haul children.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Searching for Pipeline Perfection

Can pipelines be made entirely safe? If not, is increased inspection the answer, or should we be focusing on newer replacement materials?

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