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March 7, 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 3
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Modern Milling Strategies

Modern Milling Strategies As Manufacturing Engineering tells it, "the bottom line in milling is metal removal rate." This in-depth report describes recent developments in hybrid, high-feed milling cutters, detailing the latest thinking and strategies. Industry leaders such as Ingersoll Cutting Tools, Sandvik Coromant, and Seco Tools — among others — explain how new tools take advantage of software capabilities, higher spindle speeds, and chip thinning principles.

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Olympus — NDT
Find Defects with Ultrasound. New EPOCH XT

Find Defects with Ultrasound. New EPOCH XT The Model EPOCH XT from Olympus NDT is a full featured ultrasonic flaw detector that finds hidden cracks, voids, porosity, and internal flaws in materials. Also monitors weld integrity. This portable unit is IP67 rated, has multicolor LCD, host and client USB, and various battery options. Full array of software features.

Knight Carbide
Turning and Boring Insert Tools

Turning and Boring Insert Tools Knight Carbide turning and boring insert tools are precision ground products available in assorted standard sizes, special radii, or other features. Knight also provides many micro IC inserts and round single point stick tools for boring. Turning and boring insert tools are available uncoated or coated to your specifications.

Glebar Company Inc.
GT-610 Auto Infeed Thrufeed Centerless Grinder

GT-610 Auto Infeed Thrufeed Centerless Grinder What makes this Centerless Grinder unique is the use of the 8-5/8 in. *(219 mm) wide grinding wheel, equipped with super precision hollow roller bearings, which results in more efficient cutting, superior surface, longer dress and wheel life. Learn more...

Quickmill Inc.
Twin Spindle Drilling and Milling Machines

Twin Spindle Drilling and Milling Machines Working closely with our customer base, Quickmill introduces two new lines of twin spindle drilling and milling machines. The new twin spindle Quickdrill and Intimidator will definitely increase your production capacity.

Metal Cutting . . .
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China Gears Up

China Gears Up Surely, more than 1,400 machine tools, including 670 lathes, are a sign of the times. This very large machine shop in China makes gears for mowers, motors, engines, pumps, and many other products. Ever Power Transmission opened this mega-plant in December 2006 and its array of capabilities, products, and customers is... well, really big.

Why Custom Tools Are Worth It

Why Custom Tools Are Worth It This report from Grinding Journal looks at the evolution of a small business and examines the value of custom tooling — in particular, how "a custom cutting tool can greatly lower the cost per part." In addition to value-added custom designs, customer relationships and a knack for solving problems keep this Ohio tool manufacturer busy.

Metal Forming . . .
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A Winning Combination

A Winning Combination Using Wire EDM and abrasive waterjet machining together makes good sense, says Modern Machine Shop — especially when working with aluminum. Rough cutting with AWJ and finishing with wire EDM yields tight tolerances and fine surface finishes. In addition, the EDM/AWJ combo significantly reduces overall production time.

A Better Stainless Steel

A Better Stainless Steel The folks at Swagelok are very excited about what is being called "one of the most significant breakthroughs in materials science in many decades." Low-Temperature Colossal Supersaturation (LTCSS) heat-treating of austenitic stainless steels allows large-scale carbon absorption and dramatically improves hardness and other performance characteristics. Carbon atoms cannot be introduced into austenitic stainless steel through heat treatment without the formation of chromium carbides. This compromises the alloy's corrosion resistance. LTCSS gets the carbon in without chromium carbide formation.

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Modular and Dedicated Fixturing Components

Modular and Dedicated Fixturing Components Fixtureworks supplies grippers, rest pads, Swivots® swivel/pivoting rest pads, Quick Release ball-lock pins, rollers, and bumpers from Fairlane Products. Pull, swing, side and push clamps, stops, grid plates, and blocks from Imao®. Spring plungers and tension levers, torque handles, knobs, and hand wheels from Kipp®. Single and double wedge clamp from OK-Vise® and Mitee-Bite® clamps.

Flowdrill, Inc.
Visit Us at WESTEC 2007 Booth #5550

Visit Us at WESTEC 2007 Booth #5550 Flowdrills create friction to generate heat and displace metal to form holes with a bushing that is three times the material thickness. This bushing can be tapped to replace welded, pressed, or inserted nuts or clips. The process can be used with CNC or manual drill presses in Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless, and Titanium.

STF Precision Diamond Inserts
Div of STF Precision

PCD Diamond Tools

PCD Diamond Tools With the increased use of high abrasive aluminum and composite materials switching to diamond tools has definitely become cost effective. STF will help you make this transition by choosing the perfect grade to meet your finish needs while maximizing tool life to decrease costly tool changes.

Hitachi Metals

Tool Steels from Hitachi Metals

Tool Steel from Hitachi Metals Tool steel used in most plastic molds, stamping press molds, and cold and hot-forging molds does not possess isotropic mechanical properties. Hitachi has solved many of these direction-related problems by changing the characteristics of its tool steel to isotropic which exhibits the same properties in all directions. Visit here to see additional information.

Tools & Fixturing . . .
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Micro-Machine with Blazing Speed

Micro-Machine with Blazing Speed This 80,000 RPM air-powered spindle for micro-machining can be retrofit on existing machining centers to enhance surface finish quality, extend tool life, and reduce tool wear. The high-speed spindle minimizes Z-axis thermal displacement and delivers .002 mm run-out accuracy, even at top speed.

Fuller Brush Technology

Fuller Brush Technology A brush with more bristles: Shock resistant, dimensionally stable composite hubs make high-density Nylox® Wheel Brushes (NMX) well suited for most deburring processes. A polymer fiber-holding technology allows better filament retention and increased fiber density. This leads to improved fatigue resistance and tool life.

Programming & Controls . . .
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Reduce EDM Programming Time

Reduce EDM Programming Time What differentiates one CNC programming package from the next? Brian Pagano, an EDM department manager at Ron Witherspoon Inc., gives his reasons in this Production Technology News report. Among them: The ability to interact with popular solid modeling programs, the ability to simulate machining operations, and the ability to take advantage of the user's metalworking experience.

Three-Axis Enhancements for CNC

Three-Axis Enhancements for CNC Machining Magazine highlights capability advancements from Gibbs and Associates. GibbsCam has added three-axis capabilities to their software package including 3D rest milling that focuses on efficient metal removal, as well as multiple containment areas for precise toolpath control for improved surface finish and reduced tool wear.

Focus On . . .
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Red Lion Controls, Inc.
CSPID2 Dual PID Module

CSPID2 Dual PID Module The CSPID2 Module, design for the popular Red Lion Modular Controller, is the first to offer the convenience of "drag and drop" configuration and downloadable PLC drivers in a high density, 32 zone/single node module for dedicated PID control outside of the PLC. Find out more.

Bluebeam Software, Inc.
PDF Solutions for CAD

PDF Solutions for CAD Create high quality PDFs from CAD and Office files. Bluebeam automatically reads your drawings' scale, paper size, and line weights for perfect PDFs every time. Includes batch, binding, and markup.

Careers . . .
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A Better Job Search by Design

Dice DiceEngineering.com offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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Stressed at Work? Climb Higher

Stressed at Work? Climb HigherCanadian researchers are compiling a guide for de-stressing your career. They suggest some unconventional remedies — time in a "sleep pod" or cat tummy rubbing, for instance. A less mystifying strategy is to earn a promotion. These researchers find that the higher a person's status in the organization, the longer he or she lives.

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Researchers Lend Surgeons a Microhand
Researchers Lend Surgeons a Microhand
In December, a microhand plucked a single fish egg from a gooey mess. Not terribly exciting except that this 1 mm robot is seen as the forerunner to biologically safe micro-devices that could become part of a surgeon's toolkit. Bones of silicon and pneumatically-driven balloon muscles make up the microhand; researchers hope to place an "eye" in the hand by adding fiber-optic capabilities. Technology Review has the story and video.
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