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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Coatings & Surface Engineering
June 8, 2007 - Volume 2 Issue 6
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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Rule Change Could Impact Paint Waste Recycling

Rule Change Could Impact Paint Waste Recycling Government regulation is often not synonymous with efficiency. However, under new rules proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, changes in the definition of solid waste may have a positive impact on efficiency in the coatings and paint industry. In particular, the new definition will allow sludge that is reclaimed for metals recovery to be classified as recycled material. By labeling these materials as such, companies will be able to streamline the management of waste materials. Overall, the EPA estimates these changes will result in total savings of more than $107 million per year. How will your organization benefit from these changes?

Spotlight On . . .
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Fast Clad® ER Epoxy

Fast Clad® ER Epoxy Fast Clad® ER Epoxy is an ultra-high solids epoxy amine coating engineered for field application in pipeline rehabilitation and repair. The rapid return to service and high sag resistance properties of this Sherwin-Williams industrial coating provide superior protection compared to conventional epoxies.

Opti-Forms, Inc.
Thin Film Optical Coatings

Thin Film Optical Coatings Opti-Forms designs and manufactures optical coatings for UV, visible, and IR applications. They deposit optical coatings ranging in size from a few inches in diameter to over fifty inches in diameter and offer the unique ability to accurately deposit optical coatings onto very complex geometries.

Coatings & Substrate Modifications . . .
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Powders Pack More Punch

Powders Pack More Punch Temperature, corrosion, and slow drying times: These are just a few of the limitations that have challenged the powder coatings industry for years. Thanks to innovations in formulation and equipment development, however, the application of powder coatings has expanded dramatically. While the coatings are not new, the applications are. This report highlights new advances that have taken place in powder coatings.

Fighting MRSA with Coatings

Fighting MRSA with Coatings New water-based coatings have been created to help fight MRSA, a life threatening bacterial infection resistant to certain antibiotics. When applied in health care facilities, these coatings can pro-actively reduce the spread of MRSA infections on ceilings and walls. Because 25% of all individuals naturally carry the MRSA bacteria, these coatings will be a boon for improving health outcomes.

Cleaning & Surface Preparation . . .
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Economical Electroplating

Economical Electroplating Electroplating, like many industrial processes, utilizes acids. When acids become too contaminated, they are disposed of through expensive hazardous waste removal procedures. In an effort to reduce costs associated electroplating, engineers can now apply PRO-pHx, a catalytic reagent that allows the binding of metal waste in acids that degrade their performance. By using these reagents, acids can be preserved, making electroplating processes more efficient.

Vibratory Finishers Take a Backseat

Vibratory Finishers Take a Backseat Deburring through vibratory finishers, while common, is often not an efficient process. In an effort to fill the gaps that have been created by vibratory finishers, centrifugal disk technology has been developed. This technology allows engineers to drastically reduce deburring cycle times and improve the precision of deburring processes.

Accent On . . .
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Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.
pH and ORP Sensors - Bleaching in Pulp Mills

pH & ORP Sensors - Bleaching in Pulp Mills Inline industrial pH and ORP sensors specifically designed for aggressive pulp bleaching applications. Special chlorine resistant pH glass and ORP elements can withstand extremely hot, slurry, high-pressure pulp. A solid-state dissolved gas resistant conductive polymer reference minimizes cleaning and provides excellent performance and lifetime. Sensors can readily retrofit to existing transmitters. Read more.

Nordson Corporation
Wraparound Labeling Systems-Carousel Magazine-fed

Wraparound Labeling Systems-Carousel Magazine-fed In carousel systems using wraparound labels, hot melt adhesive is applied to PET and PVT bottles and metallic cans. A Nordson hot melt applicator and two separate guns at the label pick-up and lap seam stations replaces a traditional wheel-pot system, and is easily retrofitted into existing wheel-pot systems.

Tribology & Failure Mechanisms . . .
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Testing on the Nanoscale

Testing on the Nanoscale Like their large-scale counterparts, nanocompounds must be examined to understand their behavior in real time. Scientists at Northwestern University have achieved this goal, creating the first micromachine for nanoscale material testing. The new system has already been used to observe carbon nanotube failure under tensile loading.

Friction Fighters

Friction Fighters Although friction is a common component of any tribological system, PVD/PACVD coatings can provide a viable solution to reducing friction. PVD/PACVD coatings are harder than steel and can produce desired tribological behavior without a substantial increase in costs. In addition, these coatings can be tailored to meet unique performance goals of the end-user.

Lubrication Technology . . .
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Which Lubricant is Right for You?

Which Lubricant is Right for You? Mineral, synthetic, or biodegradable? While mineral-based lubricants are often the fluid-of-choice for industrial applications, new advances in lubrication have created a wide range of products with substantial differences. This InMotion report explains how changing your lubricant could improve system outcomes.

Nano-Lubes for MEMS Devices

Nano-Lubes for MEMS Devices

Friction on the nanoscale is slowing MEMS and NEMS commercialization, says physicist Anisoara Socoliuc. Liquid lubricants don't work at the nanoscale and a there is very little surface area for heat dissipation. Swiss researchers, however, are experimenting with a dry "lubrication" method based on vibration.

If this subject is of interest, subscribe to the GlobalSpec e-Newsletter, DirectU2 The world of MEMS Technology.

Focus On . . .
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Compact Inline Conveyor Spray Washer

Compact Inline Conveyor Spray Washer The JENFAB LJ series of mini belt parts washers are compact, self-contained machines that spray clean parts fed in a continuous flow. These JENFAB conveyor washers are economically priced and designed to operate in either cellular, small batch, or continuous in-line operations.

Foerster Instruments, Inc.
Handheld Electrical Conductivity Test Instrument

Handheld Electrical Conductivity Test Instrument The SIGMATEST 2.069 is a portable eddy current instrument providing fast, accurate, and reliable measurements of the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals. Find out more about Foerster Instruments Inc.

Careers . . .
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A Better Job Search by Design

A Better Job Search by Design offers thousands of quality engineering jobs at top technology and engineering companies. Find jobs in your area of expertise. Search now.

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IEEE Confers Highest Award

IEEE Confers Highest AwardPhilip Chen has been named a Fellow by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). A professor of electrical engineering at The University of Texas at San Antonio, Chen has made numerous contributions to manufacturing systems design and integration. The award of Fellow is the highest award given by the IEEE and is granted to less than one percent of its members.

Diversions . . .
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A Picture Worth One Thousand Words

A Picture Worth One Thousand Words Just when you though you had a rough day…check out this picture of an engineering blunder that is sure to cost someone a lot of time and money! This picture is truly worth a thousand words and a thousand chuckles.

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