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June 12, 2008 - Volume 3 Issue 6
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Analytical's Airborne Assault

Analytical's Airborne Assault For smog research, remote sensing can only do so much. To get good data, you need to take instruments to the source. Unmanned aircraft packed with analytical instruments are being deployed on monthly flights in Southern California to discover how long-range transport of pollutants from the northwest U.S., Canada, east Asia and Mexico mix with local pollution and influence air quality and regional climate. More specifically, the airborne instruments eye ozone, soot, and other particulates. They measure the quantity and size of the aerosols as well as the temperature, humidity, and the intensity of light that permeates clouds and smog.

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Vision Analysis System Now for Use in  
General Industry


Vision Analysis System Now for Use in General Industry The EnviroCam™ for Biotechnical, Petrochemical, and Semiconductor Industries is now available for general purpose applications. The EnviroCam incorporates rugged high-performance cameras and analysis software that operate in high temperatures, pressures, vacuums, and corrosive environments. The EnviroCam provides images, video, analysis, and process control signals based on first order visual observation.

HygroClip2 — Innovation in Humidity and Temperature Measurement
Rotronic Instrument Corp.

HygroClip2 — Innovation in Humidity and Temperature Measurement Innovation is the key for the HygroClip2 and AirChip 3000 from Rotronic. Our latest development raises humidity/temperature measurement to new heights of performance. Key innovations include a sensor self-diagnostics and auto correction, new sensor designs to speed humidity/temperature response and improve accuracy, and integral memory for data and history storage.

Spectroscopy . . .
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Fighting Crime with Spectroscopy

Fighting Crime with Spectroscopy Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) can help image latent fingerprints on human skin, say researchers at ChemImage and Oak Ridge National Lab. They are finding components that give a Raman emission when using a SERS reagent — by choice, a silver coated dielectric Nanowire. The material was developed at Naval Research Laboratory.

How Can They Be So Small?

How Can They Be So Small? Miniaturization has liberated spectrometers from the lab, and introduced an entire spectrum of applications that need mid-range and lower-cost instruments. How is miniaturization possible, and why did it happen when it happened? A multi-part series in Spectroscopy Magazine looks at the critical parts of an NIR spectrometer and explains the process in detail.

Microscopy & Imaging . . .
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Smaller, Cheaper Terahertz Imaging

Smaller, Cheaper Terahertz Imaging Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy has been limited by sources that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or must be operated at cryogenic temperatures or only produce very low power output. Researchers just reported tiny, robust room-temperature sources, which could enable handheld terahertz imagers with orders-of-magnitude lower prices.

Through the Eye of a Needle

Through the Eye of a Needle Another recent development may aid terahertz microspectroscopy. It can identify tiny quantities of substances using light. Researchers detailed how light squeezes through holes even smaller than their wavelength. Such holes could act as tiny apertures, allowing higher-resolution imaging and better spatial resolution for terahertz spectroscopy.

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Powerful UV-Vis Performance in a
Compact Design

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Powerful UV-Vis Performance in a Compact Design Shimadzu's compact UV-1800 Spectrophotometer delivers better performance and ease-of-use with powerful functionality and UVProbe software. Key UV-1800 features include: best-in-class resolution (1 nm), smallest footprint in its class, enhanced validation functions, reduced stray light/noise levels, USB memory ready capabilities, and a wide variety of measurement modes.

FP-6000 Series
Jasco Inc.

FP-6000 Series The FP-6000 series of spectrofluorometers meets the demands of both research and routine analysis by combining a highly sensitive and flexible optical system with the 32-bit Windows® based Spectra Manager™ software platform.

Learn more about JASCO Inc.

Chromatography . . .
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Fighting Malaria

Fighting Malaria Detecting counterfeit drugs isn't the only public-health application for chromatography. In six African countries, researchers used quantitative thin-layer chromatography (TLC) to measure the amount of active pharmaceutical ingredients in anti-malarial drugs. They found that more than a third didn't meet international standards.

Tiny Particle Chromatography

Tiny Particle Chromatography A Gel Permeation/Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC) system sorts very tiny particles and polymers. It provides conventional characterization of natural and synthetic polymers, copolymers, proteins, Nanoparticles, and other macromolecules. It has a refractive index detector, pump/autosampler/degasser module, and data acquisition and control software.

Metrology & Calibration . . .
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Measuring at the Speed of Light

Measuring at the Speed of Light Ultrashort pulses of light are used in applications including micromachining, microscopy, laser eye surgery, spectroscopy, and controlling chemical reactions. Quality measurements are tough, since the pulse length is faster than available electronics. But users need to know how these pulses are distorted. A new technique measures beam aberrations.

Finding Sweet Spots Underground

Finding Sweet Spots Underground The beginning of open radio-testing standards may help disaster relief efforts. Cell phones and radios tend to work well on the surface, but terribly underground. In mine and subway disasters, lack of communications can make rescue work much more difficult. Now NIST has identified optimal radio frequencies that travel farther underground.

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Dew Point Analyzers Continuous
Model 252N12

Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

Dew Point Analyzers Continuous Model 252N12 Nova Analytical Systems Inc. has been designing and manufacturing gas and water analysis equipment for industry since 1976. NOVA is rapidly becoming a key player in the global market of monitors and analyzers.

Learn more about our Continuous Dew Point Analyzer for continuous dew point analysis of exothermic or endothermic heat treating atmospheres.

HM-1 HAZMAT Weather Station
RainWise, Inc.

HM-1 HAZMAT Weather Station The HM-1 HAZMAT weather station is designed for first responders to hazardous material incidents. The weather station provides important real-time information for monitoring and responding to incidents. Atmospheric Administration Office of Response and Restoration (NOAA). Learn more about RainWise, Inc.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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The Stuff of Electronics

The Stuff of Electronics Heading Down Under? You have just enough time left to get an Early Bird Registration price for the International Conference on Electronic Materials 2008. The conference is being held in Sydney, Australia from 28th July to 1 August. An entire track of the conference focuses on materials characterization. Do you need more incentive to justify the trip — plenary presenters include Chemistry Nobel Laureate Harry Kroto, MIT Professor Mildred D. Dresselhaus, IBM magnetoelectronics expert Dr. Stuart Parkin, and National Research Professor CNR Rao.

Diversions . . .

It Ain't Easy Being Precise

It Ain't Easy Being Precise We've all experienced under-funded budgets, insufficient staffing, and the realities of applying instruments in the real world. But Senior Editor Martin Rowe at Test & Measurement World is singing the measurement blues — literally. He penned, "The Measurement Blues" about the trials facing an engineer just trying to get good data from his instruments. He also wrote other engineering-related songs with titles like, "Check Designs for EMI Early." The lyrics and MP3s are available from the magazine's Web site.

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