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February 20, 2009
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Shockingly Fantastic Screens

Shockingly Fantastic Screens Despite the economic downturn, there was a CES '09. In addition to the show floor revelations, CES included a panel on future display technologies, including panelists from Sharp, 3M, Corning, E-Ink, and Mitsubishi. A review of the panel by moderator David Pogue of the New York Times includes discussion of the 'shockingly fantastic' image quality of OLEDs, and more realistic predictions of LCD domination of displays. Pocket pico projectors and laser TVs were also hot topics on the panel. They also gave a Best of CES award for TVs to Panasonic for their THX Display Certification.

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Kingbright Ultra-thin SMD Displays
Available at Digi-Key

Digi-Key Corporation

Kingbright Ultra-thin SMD Displays Available at Digi-Key From Digi-Key, Kingbright continues to advance its display products by developing the ultra-thin 0.8 in. character height SMD displays that are as thin as 0.12 in. (3 mm). The SMD display's low-profile design, coupled with its vivid and crisp displaying capability, makes handheld testing devices, instrumental equipment, and consumer electronics smaller, lighter, and flashier.

Analog Image Capture and Display

BitFlow, Inc.

Analog Image Capture and Display The Alta-AN is an affordable, versatile analog product family for Vision OEMs. This family can acquire from almost any analog camera, from high-speed asynchronous-reset monochrome cameras to super high resolution color HDTV cameras. The Alta frame grabbers are high-quality products, well supported by most popular software imaging packages.

LCD Displays . . .
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Electronic Skin Displays

Electronic Skin Displays Flexible displays made of cholesteric liquid-crystals offer inherent reflective color and gray scale. These electronic skins require no power to maintain a static image, are very thin, and can be bent and cut. The displays can be used as programmable displays to cover digital cameras, cell phones, laptops, TVs, and digital music players.

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Liquid Crystal Laser Displays

Liquid Crystal Laser Displays Is it a laser or a liquid crystal display? New devices from the University of Cambridge are both. They made lasers out of liquid crystals by leveraging ordinary LCD technology. Then they make every pixel a laser, and ever laser a pixel. Imagine a cell phone where a display could operate either as a flat screen or as a projector.

OLEDs & LEDs . . .
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Many Flavors of AMOLED

Many Flavors of AMOLED On display at CES was a variety of active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) displays. Sizes ranged from 2.6 to 14.1 in.; production ranged from prototype to commercially available. The not-in-production flavors seen in this video include: a 3D OLED display, a transparent OLED, and a foldable device.

Bracelet OLEDs at CES

Bracelet OLEDs at CES First came the Dick Tracy video watch. Now seen at CES was a 4 in. flexible, wrist-worn OLED display. It's designed for military use, but looks pretty attractive for fashion-forward cyborgs, too — as the Engadget video shows. Several consumer devices are already envisioned, including e-passports and open-like-a-book flexi-phones.

Accent On . . .
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Entry-level StereoMirror
3D/Stereoscopic Display

Planar Systems, Inc.

Entry-level StereoMirror 3D/Stereoscopic Display The entry-level model of the StereoMirror is now more affordable at an almost 40% reduction in price. The SD1710 shares the StereoMirror's compatibility with graphics cards and software. The viewing performance and comfort of the StereoMirror can now be experienced by even more users. Learn more about the entry-level 3D display.

Optical Enhancements for Flat Panel Displays

General Digital Corporation

Optical Enhancements for Flat Panel Displays Increase luminance and contrast of your LCD, OLED, or plasma display, while simultaneously reducing internal reflections. Optical bonding is the affixing of two optical elements to one another using a liquid adhesive. Other benefits include greater resistance to shock and vibration, extended operating temperature range, and condensation/moisture eliminaton.

Mobile Displays & Monitors . . .
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Hands-on Pico Projector Phone

Hands-on Pico Projector Phone At CES, a Popular Science correspondent got his hands on a new Samsung phone that actually is thicker than many cells. The added girth contains novel displays, digital TV, and two cameras. This video description gives kudos to the pico projector and OLED, but never mentions using it to actually call anyone.

Popping 3D on Your Cell

Popping 3D on Your Cell Okay, pico projectors are cool, but what about a cell phone display in 3D? According to this Wired report, Hitachi plans to introduce the 'Wooo H001' in Japan this April. It will come with parallax-based 3D capability on it's 3.1 in. TFT LCD display. It also converts 2D to 3D. And if that doesn't work for you, it can still provide 2D as well.

Video Imaging . . .
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Blur-free Motion for LCD TVs

Blur-free Motion for LCD TVs LCD TVs have a lot of advantages: they are thin, relatively frugal with power, and the technology is tested. Where they fall behind other technologies, however, has been in the clarity of fast-moving images. One manufacturer has an LCD TV with an unprecedented 480 Hz refresh rate per second and a 4 ms response time.

Curbing Plasma's Appetite

Curbing Plasma's Appetite Plasma TVs use nearly three times the power of old CRTs. California has had enough: regulators want to cap TV energy use in a state where 10% of the average home electricity bill is generated by TV use. Politicos and industry officials are quibbling, but more-efficient plasma TVs are already being rolled out by manufacturers.

Focus On . . .
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Plasma Displays
Telco Intercontinental Corporation

Plasma Displays TelcoVISION™ is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade, open and close frame video display systems. Our plasma technology offers to you the opportunity to present high-definition text and graphic messages to your audience in a large-screen viewing space.

One Color PLED OLED Displays
S-Tek Inc.

One Color PLED OLED Displays PLED displays are great for handheld instruments that will not be running all the time. Before designing in a PLED or OLED be aware the life span is from 8000 hr to 2000 hrs. They are great for medical test instruments where the product is used and then turned off. Learn more.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Display Tech on Display

Display Tech on Display This year's CES is a thing of the past. The next area of focus for video and display engineers is Display Week. The symposium, workshops, panels, seminar, and exhibits will run from May 31 - June 5, in San Antonio, TX. Topics being covered include image processing, systems software, display processor hardware, human factors, and applied vision. You also can count on seeing the latest in flexible, energy-efficient, multimedia, and 3D cinema technology.

Diversions . . .
Weird Cell Phone Concepts

Weird Cell Phone Concepts These aren't in production — and likely never will be. But they are interesting in the same way as the more bizarre clothes worn on Milan fashion runways. Inspired by Op-Art and by armadillos, these aren't clothing: they're hand and ring phones, bracelet and wrist phones, natural component phones, op-art phones, and more — as imagined by designers. The Design Blog rounds up 10 concept phones, with plenty of photos.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Battle of the Superhero Displays

What sort of display wows you? In a comic-book fight between Captain 3D and Flexible-Screen Man, who would you root for?

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February 20, 2009 - Volume 4 Issue 2
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