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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Keeping Pace with the Rapid-change Electronics Market

Keeping Pace with the Rapid-change Electronics Market How to address the growing disparity between the rapid rate of electronic component obsolescence and the long service life of aircraft? The problem, which grows more critical as electronic components become "faster, smaller, and more powerful," is changing the relationship between electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and aerospace customers. In this final article of a three-part series, the author predicts a blending of the EMS and OEM company responsibilities, especially during the design phase. More collaboration, he says, will help avoid obsolescence over the long term and better accommodate regulatory requirements.

High Accuracy Thin Section Ball Bearings
Schatz Bearing Corp.
AS9100 Certified Precision Metal Fabricator
Midwest Metal Products

High Accuracy Thin Section Ball Bearings Thin section ball bearings are well-suited to aerospace and defense applications where space, weight, torque, or stiffness is a concern. Schatz manufactures bearings in various cross-sections up to a 12 in. bore, ABEC 7 precision, and with a specific preload for optimal performance. Contact Schatz.

AS9100 Certified Precision Metal Fabricator MMP has become a preferred precision sheet metal vendor for major aerospace, medical, and electronics companies. As a single source manufacturer, we can provide our customers everything, from concept to finished product. Our ability to find affordable and innovative solutions to our customers' problems has allowed us to continue to expand our customer base.

MEMS Accelerometer for Zero-to-Medium Frequency Applications
Dytran Instruments, Inc.
See the Power of NI PXI
National Instruments

MEMS Accelerometer for Zero-to-Medium Frequency Applications The Dytran Instruments 7500A series is a high precision sensor, combining an integrated VC accelerometer chip with high drive, low impedance buffer for low-level acceleration measurements. This series contains a MEMS capacitive sensing element, a custom integrated circuit amplifier, low noise electronics, and differential output, housed in a hermetically sealed lightweight titanium.

Learn more!

See the Power of NI PXI Engineers are looking for a faster, smaller, more cost-effective solution than classic rack-and-stack options. Compare the speed and performance of NI PXI products to traditional boxed instruments in this RF application demonstration. View the video here.

Unique & Precise . . .
Force Sensing Clevis Pins/Bolts

Force Sensing Clevis Pins/Bolts   The force sensing clevis pin/bolt, otherwise known as load pins, are unique in the way in which they offer precision force measurement by replacing existing shear pins, clevis bolts, and many other types of pinned joints for the aerospace industry. Learn more

Design & Assembly . . .
New Role for Robots

New Role for Robots A European research program aims to show that a combination of robots and highly accurate metrology systems can provide an effective replacement for specialized machine tools in many high-end manufacturing tasks, including aerospace. Such an approach could bring solutions that are 30% more cost-effective than conventional machining with machining accuracies to 50 µm. The enabling technology: an adaptive tracking system that can be easily fitted to most leading industrial robot brands to create a "plug-and-produce" control capability.

Reverse Engineering Slashes Design Time

Reverse Engineering Slashes Design Time In redesigning the engine cowling for the SIERRA research aircraft, NASA Ames engineers opted for a reverse engineering approach. Working with MACHT3 Engineering, the NASA team used a 3D laser scanner and Rapidform XOR software to create a 3D parametric model in a fraction of the estimated 500 hours it would have taken with traditional methods. Rapidform recognizes geometry, even with varying colors and surface textures, allowing extraction of model information despite missing scan data.

Electrical/Electronic Components . . .
Heat Shrink Tape Defies Temperature Extremes

Heat Shrink Tape Defies Temperature Extremes RT-555 high-temperature heat shrink tape is designed for use in wiring harnesses systems for commercial aerospace, military, and offshore drilling applications requiring aggressive fluid and high-temperature resistance. The ultra-thin, two-layer, side-entry, heat-recoverable sealing tape is said to have superior peel strength, sealing performance, and abrasion resistance. As the video illustrates, the tape saves time in disconnecting and testing.

Sensors Demo Tracking/Monitoring Capability

Sensors Demo Tracking/Monitoring Capability NASA has recently completed Phase 1 testing of two wireless sensor technologies. First, chemical sensors with RFID capability demonstrated they could detect leaks of hypergolic fuel components in real-time. Such fuel components are used in combination as a rocket propellant and are highly hazardous. A second project involved sensor tags for monitoring pressure and strain in systems as well as for tracking industrial assets. Commercialization of both sensors is ongoing.

Robot Screw Driving Delivers Accurate Assembly
Visumatic Industrial Products
LLX-160, Essential to Portable X-ray

Robot Screw Driving Delivers Accurate Assembly The Viper MBC robot performs lightning fast screw driving and flawless fastener delivery. Visumatic's lean, flexible design allows placement in a variety of assembly processes. This robot package is modular and extremely durable for rapid deployment.

When your spec calls for error-free robotic assembly, place a Viper MBC and go!

LLX-160, Essential to Portable X-ray The LLX160-DA is a portable high frequency constant potential x-ray generator with a maximum capacity of 160 kV. It contains a metal ceramic x-ray tube head with a very small focal spot size, and the LLX's advanced technology allows for optimum efficiency. The LLX is the answer to your requirements for field inspection.

Carbide and Ceramic Ball Nose Mills
Greenleaf Corporation
Need to Reduce SWaP?
Data Device Corporation (DDC)

Carbide and Ceramic Ball Nose Mills Greenleaf's Excelerator® Ball Nose End Mills are the only complete line of ball nose cutters designed to use both carbide and ceramic inserts in the same qualified cutter bodies. Greenleaf's patent pending ball nose insert geometry prevents excess tool pressure at high metal-removal rates.

Need to Reduce SWaP? Only DDC delivers the world's smallest complete MIL-STD-1553 solutions!

• Smallest size
• Lowest weight
• Lowest power

Mini-PCIe card; Mini-USB card; and Total-AceXtreme®. More info...

Materials . . .
Taking on Titanium

Taking on Titanium When does spending a little more money pay big dividends for aerospace supplier companies? A report from Aerospace Manufacturing & Design chronicles the continuing expansion of one machine shop dedicated to acquiring machining technologies that will improve accuracy, cycle time, and labor. Example: investment in Makino's M-package machines, built specifically for hardened materials such as titanium alloys.

Beryllium Use Ramps Up

Beryllium Use Ramps Up Demand for beryllium has jumped, as typified by revenues for producer IBC Advanced Alloys — which were 37% higher in fiscal 2011 over the previous year. Growth for the high stiffness-to-weight metal is spurred, in part, by demand from the U.S. military for Beralcast beryllium to be used in aerial drones.

Engines & Flight Control . . .
Remote-controlled Pilot Brains

Remote-controlled Pilot Brains Advanced sensors inside fighter pilots' helmets will let military commanders know if a pilot is in control of his aircraft and even allow them to take over the plane if the pilot is unresponsive. The miniaturized electroencephalographic (EEG) brain scanners are controlled via wireless Internet to monitor electrical fields created by the pilot's brain.

Chopper Cockpit Management

Chopper Cockpit Management A new touchscreen management system is specifically geared to helicopter pilots. Flight displays, weather updates, flight planning, and system checklists can be viewed for instant access. The system can also control cockpit operations, such as lighting and electrical power. Visual feedback and animation communicates to pilots to let them know how the management system is responding to their commands.

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Zero Leakage Firewall Feedthrough
Senior Aerospace Metal Bellows
High Velocity Product Development
Spectrum Plastics Group

Zero Leakage Firewall Feedthrough The Senior Aerospace metal bellows firewall feedthrough uses a welded metal bellows to provide a hermetic dynamic seal allowing for a zero leakage penetration through an engine firewall. The all metal construction is suitable for extreme operating temperatures (800+°F operating, 2000°F fire test). The bellows allows for long stroke.

High Velocity Product Develpment Spectrum Plastics Group is your partner for both direct manufactured and injection molded solutions. With product experience ranging from UAV's and MUAV's, custom gauging, and instrumentation, to metal to plastic conversions, Spectrum has capability and program management expertise required to quickly turn your next aerospace concept into high quality products.

REM Eliminates Aerospace Part Failure
REM Surface Engineering

REM Eliminates Aerospace Part Failure Aerospace components operate in severe conditions where part failure is not an option. REM understands this, which is why our ISF Process is utilized in military and civilian aircraft reducing wear and increasing part durability. Some of REM's many customers include Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and Sikorsky.

New Catalog from JFW Industries
JFW Industries, Inc.

New Catalog from JFW Industries JFW Industries proudly announces the release of our brand-new catalog for RF components and test systems. Our latest edition features new models specifically designed for Wi-Fi, LTE, and applications up as high as 18 GHz.

To request your copy, call us Toll-Free at 1-877-887-4539 or visit us online at

Webinar: Webinar: How Aerospace Leaders Manage and Use Materials Information — May 9, 2012
How Aerospace Leaders Manage and Use Materials Information — May 9, 2012

Granta Design Webinar: How Aerospace Leaders Manage and Use Materials Information ? May 9, 2012 On May 9, Granta Design will present "How Aerospace Leaders Manage and Use Materials Information". Learn how Boeing, Honeywell, and NASA manage critical data describing aerospace materials and more.

Join your peers for this free, informative, and interactive ONLINE webinar — right from the convenience of your desktop. Register today!

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