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GlobalSpec: DirectU2 Light & Laser
December 22, 2010   Upcoming e-Events
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Silicon Photonics Nears Primetime

Silicon Photonics Nears Primetime After a decade of stepwise development, the prospect of chip-scale optical interconnects enabled by silicon photonics is finally nearing reality, or so say IBM scientists. Now compatible with CMOS processing, silicon photonics promises terabit per second single-chip, single-process transceivers only a few millimeters square. Chip-level optical interconnects have profound implications for everything from reducing the amount of wiring in data centers to speeding data exchange on processors. Indeed, IBM's goal for its silicon photonics technology is to achieve exaflop-per-second speeds.

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ASMT-YTx2 High Brightness Tricolor LED

Avago Technologies

ASMT-YTx2 High Brightness Tricolor LED The ASMT-YTB2-0BB02 high brightness black top surface tri-color PLCC-6 family of SMT LEDs has a separate heat path for each LED dice, enabling the LED to be driven at higher current. These SMT LEDs are high reliability, high performance devices for a wide range of environmental conditions. Request a sample.

DLP LightCommander for 3D Optical

Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog

DLP LightCommander for 3D Optical Measurement DLP LightCommander is a highly versatile and easy-to-use development kit for incorporating DLP technology into light processing applications. The modular architecture includes an optical light engine, industry standard interfaces, and application software to expedite system development requiring high-speed spatial light modulation. Learn more.

Revolutionary DPSS Alternative to He-Cd


Revolutionary DPSS Alternative to He-Cd Lasers Klastech to launch new 442 nm laser: Targeting the He-Cd laser market, this compact laser will provide highly stable CW Gaussian output at 442 nm in powers up to 100 mW. In common with all other Klastech lasers, the Concerto® has an ultra-narrow line width < 1 MHz, delivering a coherence length of >100 m.

High-performance Imaging Breakthrough

Fairchild Imaging

High-performance Imaging Breakthrough Access a ground-breaking white paper. CMOS image sensor (CIS) technology is on the brink of fulfilling its potential to become the global detector platform of choice for scientific photonics applications requiring world class sensitivity, speed, dynamic range, resolution, and field of view. Read more about sCMOS exciting new technology...

Light Sources . . .
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Condensate Creates New UV Source

Condensate Creates New UV Source Using dye cells enclosed in a resonant optical cavity, University of Bonn scientists have produced a photonic Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Normally, decreasing photon energy causes the photons to be absorbed by the cavity walls before the optical BEC can form. In the Bonn set-up, the dye molecules scatter the photons during the cooling process. The resultant massively populated ground state mode can produce coherent ultraviolet output. Applications could include micro lithography.

Spotlight on Quantum-cascade Lasers

Spotlight on Quantum-cascade Lasers Want to know the latest developments in quantum-cascade (QC) lasers? Take a look at this review written by QC-laser pioneer Federico Capasso (or watch him in this video). In QC lasers, the physical dimensions of the quantum well determine output wavelength. The technology has particular applications in sensing, for example in photoacoustic sensors. Find out more in a special journal issue edited by Naval Research Laboratory researchers.

Research & Equipment . . .
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Metamaterials Make Actions Invisible

Metamaterials Make Actions Invisible Forget about invisibility cloaks that could hide objects, Imperial College scientists say metamaterials could allow them to hide events, something politicians probably wish they had. The approach involves adjusting the speed of a wavefront differentially so that leading segments arrive early and the lagging segments arrive late. An event that takes place during the window in between wouldn't be illuminated — it would appear that a time jump took place. The group has designed a fiber-optic version that could be used to open up a time window to perform priority computations without interrupting the flow of normal processing.

Vibrations Form Optical Transistor

Vibrations Form Optical Transistor By tuning an optical beam to the modes of an optomechanical system, Swiss and German researchers have induced transparency, effectively creating an optical transistor, or switch. The group first injects light into an optical microresonator with a probe beam. The resulting radiation pressure deforms the cavity to couple the vibrational and optical modes. Because the external control beam is tuned to these modes, it triggers destructive interference, making the device transparent. Manufactured in arrays, the devices could have applications in telecommunications.

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Custom and Catalog Precision Laser Optics

Chroma Technology Corp.

Custom and Catalog Precision Laser Optics Chroma offers laser-grade optical filters and coatings, manufactured from 220-2600 nm to meet any of your precision needs. As an employee-owned company we provide application engineering support, short cycle times, and consistently offer custom filter solutions at catalog prices. Visit to learn more and view our new laser optics.

LED Module LMR4 from Cree in Stock at

Digi-Key Corporation

LED Module LMR4 from Cree in Stock at Digi-Key LED module LMR4 offers lighting manufacturers access to Cree's TrueWhite® technology, which mixes the light from red and unsaturated yellow LEDs to create beautiful, warm white light. These modules are ideal for lighting applications such as restaurants, retail, and hospitality where high CRI and efficacy are required.

Next Gen Optics Now
ASML Optics

Next Gen Optics Now For your Next Generation Optical Systems visit ASML Optics at SPIE BIOS January 22-23 and Photonics West January 25-27 booth #501. Tap into our complete portfolio of Design-to-Image solutions and bring your next generation optical systems to light faster with ASML Optics as your partner.

Mirror Mount
Rolyn Optics Company

Mirror Mount Rolyn Optics Company's Mirror Mount has no glass-to-glass contact. Clear aperture obscuration caused by the plastic mirror holders is minimal. These holders form an adjustable, rigid orthogonal kinematic mount for the mirror which resists vibration and handling. Black anodizing minimizes reflections. Mirrors are not supplied with the mount. Learn more...

Optics & Imaging . . .
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Optics Aids Oncology

Optics Aids Oncology Hybrid medical imaging techniques are making headlines. With amplification by gold nanoparticles, photoacoustic tomographic imaging systems can single out newly formed blood vessels, a signature of tumor growth. Elsewhere, a system that combines nonlinear interferometry with Raman spectroscopy can differentiate between healthy and cancerous cells in minutes with better than 99% accuracy. Meanwhile, guided by optical coherence tomography, researchers have used a femtosecond surgical laser to reduce the invasiveness and time of cataract surgery, improving outcomes.

3D Imaging Allows Virtual Changing

3D Imaging Allows Virtual Changing These days, everyone seems to have 3D imaging on the brain. Fresh on the heels of the holographic movie reported last month comes a review of the latest activities in white light holography. Even manufacturers have gotten into the act, with companies like Panasonic releasing 3D imagers based on LED illumination and time-of-flight imaging. According to them, it will revolutionize the changing room, allowing shoppers to virtually try on outfits without ever undoing a button.

Optoelectronics . . .
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Rewriteable Detectors Give Big Gains

Rewriteable Detectors Give Big Gains Nanowire junctions formed by a reversible write process can produce electrically tunable, high-gain photodetectors. Researchers begin with a strontium titanate substrate overlaid by lanthanum aluminate. To create the 2 to 3 nm wide junctions, they apply positive voltage with an atomic force microscope probe, which converts oxide crystals from insulator to conductor. To erase the wires, they apply a negative voltage.

Silicon Nanowires Shrink Pulses

Silicon Nanowires Shrink Pulses As further proof that silicon photonics is nearing critical mass, engineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a silicon-based optical pulse compressor. Compatible with CMOS fabrication processes, the chip-scale device consists of a nanowire waveguide that spectrally broadens the pulse, integrated with a dispersive component that shrinks it temporally. The group was able to compress 7 ps pulses by a factor of seven.

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LED Mounting Clips
Visual Communications Company, Inc.

LED Mounting Clips The CLP 125 low-profile mounting clip is designed for mounting 5 mm LEDs. Installation is accomplished by passing the mount through a panel hole and then pressing a ring onto the back. This permits the PCB-mounted LED to easily move in or out of the mount. Learn more.

Expanded Achromatic Waveplate Line
Tower Optical Corporation

Expanded Achromatic Waveplate Line Tower's line of Achromatic Waveplates has been expanded to include 610 nm to 850 nm in 1/2 or 1/4 wave retardation. The retardation tolerance is Lambda/100 across the range. These air spaced waveplates are supplied in a 1 in. mounting ring with a 11.5 mm aperture. See all Tower precision optics here.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Resume-killing Words

Resume-killing Words Business buzzwords go in and out faster than Facebook slang. Don't make the hiring manager's eyes glaze over by using vague, worn-out phrases on your resume. Make your experience and skills pop. Choose language that shows your potential employer the benefits that you can bring to the organization. Here's how.

Diversions . . .
Artist Gets His Head Around Digital

Artist Gets His Head Around Digital Photography A New York University professor is taking suffering for his art to a whole new level — he's implanted a wireless-equipped digital camera in the back of his head. Seriously. It's part of a year-long performance art project for a museum in Qatar. Once a minute, 24/7, the camera captures an image and sends it to the museum for display on monitors. Talk about having eyes in the back of your head…

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