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Industry Trends & Events . . .
Can World Dependence on Carbon Fuels be Reversed?

Can World Dependence on Carbon Fuels be Reversed? Coal and oil still fill most of the world's energy needs, accounting for 42% of electrical power generation fuel supply in 2007. If recent trends continue, experts say that energy-related carbon emissions could double by 2050 — largely due to continued reliance on coal, oil, and natural gas. Is there any way to break that habit? Generating power from coal or gas is cheaper than environmentally-friendly methods, but the merits of "going green" are increasing due to environmental benefits and to taxes being imposed on carbon emissions. So which technologies will win out? Power-Technology talks to experts to find out.

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Now You Can Prevent Bearing Failure
UE Systems, Inc.
Conduit and Cable Support Systems
Underground Devices

Now You Can Prevent Bearing Failure The major cause of premature bearing failure is lubrication related. With an Ultraprobe, you can prevent over lubrication and lubrication starvation by monitoring, identifying, and treating bearings in need of lubrication. Visit us here to learn more and to download our Lubrication Guide.

Conduit and Cable Support Systems Underground Devices is a manufacturer of duct spacers, bore spacers, and several styles of nonmetallic cable racks for underground power and communication installations. Nonmetallic cable racking is ideal for all manhole installastions since it is non-corrosive, non-conductive, and high strength.

Maximum Productivity, Take Flight

Mobil Industrial Lubricants
Tower Power: Baldor's Cooling Tower Motor and Drive
Baldor Electric Company

Maximum Productivity, Take Flight For energy-generation industries — including coal, gas turbine or engine, and nuclear — Mobil Industrial Lubricants are designed to help increase your plant's productivity through enhanced reliability and uptime. Backed by more than 100 years of expertise, our lubricants help ensure that your equipment operates longer, and your business runs without interruption.

Tower Power: Baldor's Cooling Tower Motor and Drive Baldor's RPM AC® Cooling Tower Direct Drive Motor is designed exclusively for cooling tower applications. The motor mounts directly to the fan, eliminating high-maintenance gearboxes, drive shafts, and couplings. Combined with Baldor's VS1CTD proprietary adjustable frequency drive, this combination offers improved reliability while greatly reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Increase Design Efficiency . . .
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Pipe Supports — Specialization, Standardization, Simplification

Pipe Supports — Specialization, Standardization, Simplification Designing pipe supports is a tiresome process, nonetheless, a must for thermal process piping. Lisega's solution is their sophisticated proprietary pipe support design software, called Licad. Licad's backbone is 10,000 standardized components categorized in seven product groups arranged into 15 load groups. Licad provides configurations in minutes vs hours and is exportable into popular 3D programs. Licad increases engineering design efficiencies, improves quality, and provides significant man-hours savings. Register for your complimentary Licad software.

Electrical Power Generation . . .
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Reducing Human Error at Power Plants

Reducing Human Error at Power PlantsReducing mistakes by employees is a key factor not only for safety, but also for making sure that power generation at fossil fuel plants continues without interruption. What steps should be taken to protect employees and facilities alike? How can human error be corrected? Energy-Tech Magazine explores some key training methods.

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New Flywheels Four Times Better

New Flywheels Four Times Better Wind and solar energy generation are unreliable, so it would be helpful if their power could be stored and made available when the wind doesn't blow or the sun doesn't shine. Machine Design says the U.S. Department of Energy is working on a project for next-generation flywheels that hold four times the energy of current flywheels.

Designing & Installing Power Systems . . .
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Germans Approve Testing of Carbon Capture — System

Germans Approve Testing of Carbon Capture SystemSpiegel Online reports that the German parliament has given approval for the testing of carbon capture and storage technology. These systems will make it possible for coal-fired power plants to liquify their pollutants, and then put them into long-term storage. But is it safe? Critics claim the technology may hold potential dangers.

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Clean Energy Plant to Replace 1970s Oil Plant

Clean Energy Plant to Replace 1970s Oil Plant Out with the old, in with the new. A 1970s oil-fired power plant is being torn down so that a modern combined heat and power station can be built on the same site. Demolition planned by Portuguese energy operator EDP will cover a pumping station, steam turbines, and a 1,000 m oil and steam pipeline.

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CO Monitoring for Coal-handling

Conspec Controls Inc.
IMI Sensors — On-turbine Instability

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

CO Monitoring for Coal-handling Applications With a rising concern for personnel safety and protection of owner investments, the Conspec CX0352 CO Monitor is fast becoming an icon in coal-handling operations. If you are using an existing system or planning to install a new one, look to Conspec's industry experience and CO Monitoring System.

IMI Sensors — On-Turbine Instability SensorModern gas turbines have better fuel efficiency and lower NOx emissions, but have to be monitored closely to avoid combustion instability. This instability can damage components in the combustion chamber such as nozzles, baskets, transition pieces, and blades, resulting in avoidable downtime and loss of revenue.

Visit us here for more 176 Series info.

Improve Power Plant Data with Fiber Optic

Ultra Electronics formerly Weed Instrument Company
New MTS Landmark Servohydraulic Test

MTS Systems Corporation

Improve Power Plant Data with Fiber Optic Networking Increase productivity and safeguard critical data. Ultra NSPI's fiber optic multiplexers can take multiple analog signals over fiber from smokestacks or remote locations to control rooms for data collection. See our white paper on mercury monitoring at coal fired plants. Experts in nuclear and alternative power applications.

New MTS Landmark Servohydraulic Test System The MTS Landmark™ System marks the optimization of the world's most widely deployed material testing technology. Highly configurable and scalable, it integrates all the high-performance attributes that MTS systems are renowned for into a new highly stiff, ergonomic, and easy-to-maintain frame. Contact MTS and learn how MTS Landmark Systems can meet your specific test needs.

High Voltage Power Lines . . .
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Delay for Power Pathway

Delay for Power Pathway Transmission & Distribution World reports that Pepco Holdings is seeking a delay on its plans for the Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway, a high-voltage interstate transmission project that would traverse a distance of 152 miles from northern Virginia to Delaware. Reasons for the requested delay weren't specified, but may be related to financial issues.

NERC CEO Discusses Blackouts

NERC CEO Discusses Blackouts Gerry Cauley, CEO of the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC), is an expert on utility vegetation management (UVM). He contends that inadequate UVM contributed to the 2003 blackout impacting the northeastern U.S. In this interview, Electric Light and Power gets Cauley's perspective on the current state of UVM.

Power Distribution . . .
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OPPD to Stay in Southwest Power Pool

OPPD to Stay in Southwest Power Pool The Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) will continue its status as a transmission-owning member of Southwest Power Pool (SPP). Initially, the district had announced plans to become a non-owning member because of changes made to SPP's method of allocating costs. Resolution of these issues will keep OPPD in the SPP.

Quickly Remove Ice From Power Lines

Quickly Remove Ice From Power Lines For utility companies, ice on power distribution lines is a disaster waiting to happen. The weight can bring down poles, cause lines to "gallop", and lead to outages. One lineman decided to invent a tool that would quickly remove ice before damage could occur. This video shows the Ice Buster in action.

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Nomex® LT

DuPont™ Nomex® Energy Solutions
600 kV Mobile Variable Frequency Resonant Test System
Phenix Technologies, Inc.

Nomex® LT A patented, cost-effective, high-strength, and highly saturable material, Nomex® LT is designed for 180° C (Class H) and 155° C (Class F) insulation systems used in motors, generators, and transformers. It has excellent initial tear, tear propagation, and elongation performance and is readily impregnable by resins or varnishes… (more)

600 kV Mobile Variable Frequency Resonant Test System Perform on-site testing of SF6 insulated switchgear and bus with PHENIX Technologies' Mobile Variable Frequency Resonant Test Systems. Rugged, compact designs with a variable AC output frequency to tune the system to the load capacitance minimizing input power requirements. Equipment is available for all voltage classes.

New Approach for Faster and Better
Decisions in Power

Invensys Operations Management
Premier Provider of Speciality Welding


New Approach for Faster and Better Decisions in Power"The Truth about Building Capabilities for Workforce Enablement."

•  What is the real cost of incidents?
•  How to assess strategy and set priorities
•  Workforce turnover, compliance overload, lack of actionable information

There has to be a better way! Complimentary white paper: download now.

Premier Provider of Speciality Welding SolutionsWDI is a leader in providing automated welding, specialized alloy in the fossil, nuclear, hydro-power, and petro chemical industries. Quality Assurance Program. With all the supporting Code Stamps. Services the WDI provides.

Please stop our Booth #2123 at PowerGen "Nuclear Section" and enter to win a flat screen TV.

Careers & Commentary . . .
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Principles of Ultrasound Leak Detection in Power Plants
Is Fracking OK?

Is Fracking OK? Fluid systems are an integral part of any power plant and they all leak. Leakage through valves and steam traps waste energy. They promote corrosion and pipe fatigue. And, they negatively impact heat rates. Ultrasound technology offers an easy method for locating and measuring leaks.

Is Fracking OK? Fracking uses water, sand, and chemicals to fracture rock and release shale gas, but the technique has plenty of critics and environmental problems. The technology could serve as a major source of power plant fuel if it can be done safely. But first, serious environmental concerns must be addressed, the Christian Science Monitor argues in this editorial.

Diversions . . .
Power Line EMF Lights Up Exhibit

Power Line EMF Lights Up Exhibit Artist Richard Box wanted to find a way to illustrate the EMF fields caused by high voltage power lines, so he created an exhibit of thousands of fluorescent tubes that light up in response to the fields. In addition to being a dazzling visual spectacle, watching this video as the tubes light up without being connected to wires shows just how powerful the magnetic fields generated by overhead power lines really are.

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About This Month's Topic

About This Month's Topic Is Fracking Worth the Risk?

Fracking is a new technology that releases shale gas and oil, meaning it's potentially a huge new source of energy. But do you think it's worth the possible environmental risks?

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