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Sky-high Future for Dublin T2

Sky-high Future for Dublin T2 The Irish economic crisis hasn't delayed the arrival of Dublin Airport's much anticipated new second terminal (T2). Having already been awarded the Structural Steel Design Award for 2010, the 75,000 sq m, €395 million project is said to use nearly two-thirds less energy than international terminals of equal size elsewhere in the world. Capable of accommodating up to 15 million passengers annually, the T2 has been designed to "capture the aspirations and spirit of the country."

Introducing GlobalSpec’s Video Archive
Register Today! GlobalSpec's Medical Equipment Design — October 27, 2010

Now in its introductory phase, GlobalSpec’s Video Archive provides direct access to GlobalSpec’s Online Trade Show & Conference educational sessions developed by leading manufacturers and thought leaders. Available now for your viewing:

The World of Alternative & Renewable Energy
Energy Landscape in 2020: Smart & Sustainable

View additional presentations in the area of alternative and renewable energy, power generation & distribution equipment, and plant & facilities engineering. Watch as we further develop our video selections to include manufacturer’s expert videos, product videos, and more.

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Acoustifence Easy-Install Industrial Outdoor Sound Barrier
Acoustiblok, Inc.

Acoustifence Easy-Install Industrial Outdoor Sound Barrier Acoustifence is a simple, 1/8 in. thick industrial grade sound barrier (STC28), 6 ft x 30 ft. Brass eyelets and ties allow hanging from chain link fence, scaffolding, etc. Paintable, impervious to all weather, easy to install, remove, or store. Easily installed within landscaping to reduce road noise. USA made with USA materials.

Measurement and Regulation Buildings

Parkline, Inc.

Measurement & Regulation Buildings Parkline specializes in the production of long-lasting, high-quality buildings for the natural gas industry. From the non-combustible, heavy-gauge steel framework to the wide variety of design loads and sizes, Parkline has the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot and deliver enclosures that are specifically suited for the natural gas industry.

Custom Netting Solutions . . .
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Add Performance and Value to Your Building Products
Conwed Global Netting Solutions

Add Performance and Value to Your Building Products Conwed is the industry leader in providing innovative plastic netting solutions used in applications for reinforcement, containment, protection, stretch, lamination, grip, and separation. Conwed is an expert in plastic extrusion and orientation technologies and will customize to your specific application requirements. This enables products to meet exact manufacturing specifications for many building products including rain screens, house wraps, roofing, flooring, pre-fab products, radiant floors, construction fences, and many other building applications.

Building Projects . . .
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Gulf States to Lay Some Tracks

Gulf States to Lay Some Tracks Building firms in the Persian Gulf States are snatching up contracts for what's anticipated to be one of the most ambitious rail projects in the region's history. To head off looming transportation problems, governments are pursuing rail development, in addition to such priorities as desalination plants, airports, and power stations. Plans for a Gulf-wide railway system worth $100 billion are already underway, as is a rail line connecting Egypt to Mauritania via Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco.

Steel Roof Captures LEED Platinum Certification

Steel Roof Captures LEED Platinum Certification Earning LEED Platinum status turned out to be a real steal — make that "steel" — for The Willow School of Gladstone, NJ. The roof that covers the new 13,000 sq ft "barn," which houses a middle school, performing arts center, and even a science center, is constructed from a ZT (zinc/tin) architectural stainless steel alloy. Rust resistant and requiring no painting, the roof also collects rainwater, which is then used to flush the facility's toilets.

Tools & Equipment . . .
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Cordless Hacksaw Cuts Costs

Cordless Hacksaw Cuts Costs Billed as the most versatile hacksaw available on the commercial construction market, the newly engineered cordless recip HACKZALL M18™ is so lightweight and compact that it can be operated safely with one hand (see video). Delivering 3,000 strokes per minute with a three-quarter stroke length, the saw cuts fast. Its anti-vibration system provides maximum control, and blade change is also a snap.

Compact Loader Boasts Breakout Power

Compact Loader Boasts Breakout Power A new generation of compact Terex track loaders has not only beefed up its horsepower, but it has also made improvements in just about every facet of performance. These 11,400 lb loaders offer notable increases in track effort, bucket breakout force, and torque, and their undercarriage design sports a low ground pressure of 4.0 psi. Choose either rubber or optional turf tracks.

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Kinetic Water Ram Clears Clogs Fast
General Pipe Cleaners

Kinetic Water Ram Clears Clogs Fast The Water Ram clears clogged sinks, slow draining tubs, toilets, and more. It uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave through the water to break up the stoppage. Cleaner than snakes, safer than chemicals. Pays for itself in three or four uses. See it in action.

Fall Protection with FabEnCo Safety Gates
FabEnCo, Inc.

Fall Protection with FabEnCo Safety Gates FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gates fit unprotected openings up to 60 in. on ladderways, platforms, and stairs. Easy-to-install FabEnCo gates are available in aluminum and stainless steel for special applications/environments, as well as carbon steel. A variety of finishes include galvanized and environmentally-friendly safety yellow powder-coat. Custom gates are also available.

LED Lighting for Industrial and Hazardous Locations
Dialight Corp.

LED Lighting for Industrial and Hazardous Locations Dialight plc (LSE: DIA.L) defines the current state of LED lighting technology. With continuous innovations in light output, efficacy, and reliability, our high-specification lighting fixtures are specifically designed for industrial, commercial, and hazardous locations. High efficiency LED area and obstruction lighting from Dialight is a perfect complement to alternative energy systems.

Fire Alarm Control Panels Gateways

Sierra Monitor Corporation

Fire Alarm Control Panels Gateways Sierra Monitor Corporation is the major producer of gateways used in the fire alarm industry to interface Fire Alarm Control Panels to Building Automation Systems. FieldServer enables these owners to view the ancillary information and not interfere with the AHJ approved fire control system.

Materials & Hardware . . .
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Making Desert Sites Stabile

Making Desert Sites Stabile There's no more fundamental building material than soil. While some cultures build with it, all must build on it. Yet soils vary widely, and desert surfaces such as those found in the Persian Gulf States present serious stability challenges. Cost-effective compaction of soft soil of up to 8 m or more (see video demonstration) reduces the need for over-engineered foundations and substantially reduces liquefaction risk.

How Light Illuminates Architecture

How Light Illuminates Architecture Inspired by the long-held view that the history of architecture deals largely with the struggle for light, students at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture can now take a catalyst course that focuses entirely on "the study of light." Intense coursework helps students grasp a larger understanding of lighting as both a material and a property. See some examples from this embedded slide show.

Environment & Energy . . .
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LEED Housing Spares Landfill

LEED Housing Spares Landfill A student housing project at Bastyr University near Seattle earned both LEED platinum status and a 2010 Outstanding Multifamily Project award, largely by diverting 97% of its construction debris from area landfills. Among other green considerations, the $12 million, 50,000 sq ft complex features butterfly roofs that catch rainwater for project use. Its permaculture teaching garden also contains both edible and medicinal plants.

Building Envelopes That Save Energy

Building Envelopes That Save Energy Sustainable commercial buildings require a tight, leak-free exterior envelope. Yet they also need to breathe. To meet those needs, BASF has developed "high-performance," green-building envelope solutions, including air/weather barriers, wall technologies, roofs and window concepts, and more. Combined, these enclosure products guarantee interior comfort and excellent IAQ, while reducing a structure's energy consumption by up to 40%, claims the vendor.

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Cal Pipe Safety and Security Bollards

Calpipe Industries

Cal Pipe Safety and Security Bollards Cal Pipe Security Bollards is a leading manufacturer of pipe bollards to protect pedestrians and property. Our carbon steel bollards come in fixed, retractable, removable, automatic, and assisted retractable models in up to 180 powder coat finishes. We also offer high quality stainless steel finishes to complement your style and design.

FS18X Multi-spectrum TriBand Fire and Flame Detector
Sensidyne, LP

FS18X Multi-spectrum TriBand Fire and Flame Detector The FS18X is an advanced technology TriBand™ (IR/IR/Visible) Electro-Optical Flame Detector. High-speed solid-state Quantum sensors deliver fast reliable fire detection for all types of fires with the highest false event immunity.

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Call for Speakers

Call for SpeakersSubmit your proposal to speak at one of GlobalSpec's upcoming online conferences and trade shows.

• Green Manufacturing

Events are open to GlobalSpec's six million registered users and are an opportunity for you and your company to be viewed by your target audience, competition, and peers as industry thought leaders. Increase brand awareness. Influence key decision-makers. Learn more or submit your proposal here.

How Long Will Concrete Last?

How Long Will Concrete Last? Concrete is perhaps the oldest man-made building material, and many Roman structures still stand in testament to its strength and durability. But how long can modern concrete construction materials really last? That's the birth-to-death question that researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are preparing to answer with the release of an unprecedented concrete life-cycle assessment study.

Diversions . . .
The Pitfalls of Digital Map-making

The Pitfalls of Digital Map-making Digital technology has transformed map-making. Developers can use the tool to locate a prospective piece of property for building, while contractors and engineers can analyze the terrain of an area set for construction. You can also use Google Maps to locate a place for lunch. But these satellite-generated maps, for all their benefits, aren't always accurate, as seen in November when 1.7 miles of Costa Rican territory was erroneously assigned to Nicaragua.

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About This Month's Topic What's the Value of Social Media?

It's no longer enough to simply maintain a good business Web site, say marketing experts. As a construction industry professional, how are are you planning on using social media to promote your firm?

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